Maxima message lowers threshold for young people talking about mental health

AP NOS . News•Today 17:13 “Talk, talk, talk. It really helps.” With these words, Queen Maxima addressed the Dutch youth in an open letter. Study after study shows that mental health among this group has declined in recent years, especially among girls and young women. With her message titled You’re not aloneThe Queen draws attention … Read more

More frequent behavioral problems, drug and alcohol abuse

NOS / Jeroen van Eijndhoven NOS . News•Yesterday at 16:40 Sleep problems, nervousness, fear and insomnia: Young adults aged 11-16 have had (a lot) more than before with these types of complaints in the past four years. In a report on the health and well-being of Dutch students, researchers concluded that girls in particular suffered … Read more

Pandemic and pressure to perform are taking a heavy toll on girls’ mental health | Currently

The mental health of girls has deteriorated in recent years. During the corona operations, they often became lonely, while the boys resorted to their gaming devices. At the same time, girls bear more of the burden of performance pressure than boys, even outside of school. In secondary education, the proportion of Dutch girls with emotional … Read more

Girls feel more pressure to perform than boys

The 12-25 year experience survey was conducted from early February to mid-April 2021, during the third wave of the Corona crisis. spacious 8 thousand Young people participated in the study. Download CSV fileTable viewPressure to meet own expectations, 2021 Pressure to meet own expectations, 2021 comrades,12 to 18 years old 10.4 18.9 48.5 22.3 girls,12 … Read more