“The Political Gender Gap: Gap or Past?”

(January 16, 2023) On March 8, a woman from North Holland will once again be awarded the Rebius Pelletier Medal for her services to Women in Politics. In 2019, the provincial council took the initiative to award this award 5 times. This year is the last time at the moment. In this guest column, panelist … Read more

How a small club wants to put women’s ice hockey on the map in the Netherlands

NOS/FMT images NOS Sports•Today, 4:59 pm Jonah Ter Fair NOS Sport Editor Jonah Ter Fair NOS Sport Editor When Den Bosch Red Eagles ice hockey player Zoe Barbier (27) sees the puck roll into the corner, she looks behind her first. If a male opponent appears, twice as heavy as she is, she will not … Read more

Despite the protests, the doors to education for Afghan girls remain closed

news hour Dozens of Afghan women are demonstrating today against the ban on women attending university. In March, secondary education in Afghanistan for girls was already banned. Large demonstrations became rare under the Taliban regime. Protests against those in power are often ended violently. The ban immediately led to unrest and protests in various universities … Read more