Sander Lantinga: “Seven years later, Rode de Wilde is still sad that we are in his ‘place’

How about stopping the Coen & Sander show? The Coen en Sander Show will stop as a daily program on Radio 538. Sander Lantinga will present a program on Veronica, and Coen Swijnenberg will be responsible for the 538 lunch show. For my radio companion, who has been on the radio for sixteen years with … Read more

Yvonne Coldvier: Charlie Lossky also didn’t answer his wife before he put her somewhere else

Tanya Jess getting cheated on, that’s not cool, is it? shout out. Although many viewers of the soap have wholeheartedly agreed with GST’s Bowien Galema’s false secret that her lover was cheating, this is now actually happening to the person who played the role from 1997-2000. And unlike her sometimes limp character of Bowien, Tanja … Read more