What is silky horse racing? Full explanation of this P2E Metaverse game.

Have you always dreamed of owning your own race horse and winning competitions? Until recently, this was just a reality for the wealthy elite. Horses are bred and sometimes sold for hundreds of thousands of euros. why? These horses often have an extension Unique pedigree and the best racehorse in the world. Participating in the … Read more

Minecraft Legends simplifies the RTS genre | preview

Battlefield overview written by Jaco peek at Monday August 29 2022 11:11 In recent years, the Minecraft franchise has broken new ground, from Telltale games with voice influencers to ambitious augmented reality games. The accessible Minecraft Dungeons game of 2020 is the most successful so far. With Legends, Mojang seems to appropriately simplify the real-time … Read more