News from Berkelland » Winterswijkseweg Eibergen Incident

By the editors on 19-09-2022 EIBERGEN – On Monday morning at around 8.15am, emergency services were alerted to help in the event of an accident in Winterswijkseweg in Eibergen. A car swerved for a dog and then ended up on its side through a tree. Passers-by had already helped the driver out of the car. … Read more

News from Berkelland » Lots of general drunkenness in Berkelland this weekend

By the editors on 09-18-2022 BIRKLAND – The Berkeland Police had their hands full all night from Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 September with people who were guilty of public intoxication. For example, the police say they brought several minors home during their weekly night out due to intoxication in public places. A girl was … Read more

News from Berkelland » Rosalynn Rawlink and Water Hermelink have been voted Best Baserweather Team

Written by the editors on September 17, 2022 NEEDE – The Pasruiters went into effect last weekend in their 64th edition of their Bollert Bros. Many passerders have won awards. Multiple successesRosalyn Rawlink and her pony Alex won second prize in Category B, Category B/C. Class B horses have had several successes. Second prize for … Read more

The mental health of girls is showing a significant deterioration

Girls report not only more emotional problems in 2021, but also more behavioral problems and hyperactivity/attention problems. There was an unprecedented decline in mental health among girls in the Netherlands between 2017 and 2021. The researchers write this in the Health Behavior of School-Aged Children (HBSC) report, which presents the results of 20 years of … Read more

More boys than girls suffer from the rare SETD1B syndrome

(ads) facts science education August 24, 2022 Last update: August 23, 2022 There are much more boys with this condition than there are girls, and behavioral problems in particular are more common in boys There is one thing that catches the attention of children with the rare SETD1B syndrome. Boys get sick more often than … Read more