‘Girls’ access to education is not a given’

Today, January 24th is World Education Day, and according to Noelwyn Gontard of Plan International Belgium in Belgium, it’s the perfect time to bring attention to teenage girls’ access to education. “If we are serious about eliminating gender inequality, it is time to do more to advance opportunities and education for adolescent girls.” FifthToday is … Read more

Author Silva Almada: We still don’t take violence against women seriously

Silva Almada: “Feminism lives on in the streets, in protests, in activism.” © Enrique Garcia Medina “They had lives,” Silva Almada says of the three girls murdered in Argentina in the 1980s. in its influential history dead girls The famous Argentine writer gives them both a voice and a face. At the same time she … Read more

Big Brother or Urgent Need? An identity card for children on the way to Malawi

A child plays in the street as tobacco leaves dry in Kasongo, Malawi on March 13, 2013. In Malawi, the government has begun formal registration of 8.4 million children. This decision should benefit young citizens, but it also raises concerns about privacy and state control. As he queues to register his three children for the … Read more

“Our children and grandchildren deserve a sustainable bank for the whole of Belgium”

NewB has campaigned in recent years to convince as many Belgians as possible of an ethical and sustainable bank. NewB must accept the savings hand of the vdk bank and the collaborators and voluntary ambassadors Koen de Visscher, Marc Bontemps and Rein van yesterday are convinced of this. “If the cooperatives join the vdk bank, … Read more

Intensive livestock farming provides more food, but increases the risk of the next pandemic

As the climate changes and the world’s population increases, more and more efficient food must be produced. Meat is often looked to for its nutrients and the potential to rapidly intensify this sector. However, this has several drawbacks, says a new analysis published in the scientific journal science progress. Global warming is putting food security … Read more

He was sentenced to 50 years in prison for having an abortion

Zulema Beltran (left) and Marilyn Ponce had an abortion and were accused by the justice system of having an abortion in El Salvador, one of three countries in Central America with an absolute ban on this reproductive right. Now they are free, and they are part of the Mujeres Libres organization, which provides care and … Read more

Attacks and kidnappings fuel fears of Taliban resurgence in northwest Pakistan

A Pakistani soldier overlooks Pakistan’s Swat Valley (May 2009). Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan last year, more militants have re-emerged in Swat and other border areas. Just last month, the Taliban captured an army and a police officer in the mountains around Swat. Al Jazeera English / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) The Pakistani … Read more

More girls in school means more women in power

Two young girls during an exam at a school in Kerala, India. Although education is a basic human right, not everyone can enjoy this right. Girls are particularly excluded, with all the ensuing consequences. Discrimination and stereotypes prevent girls from accessing education, and thus have a detrimental effect on women’s leadership, writes Margo Bells, researcher … Read more

“When there is a famine, the value of girls’ lives decreases a little”

The global food crisis threatens the lives of millions of girls. This is written by Sven Coppins, Regional Director for West and Central Africa at Plan International. This growing disaster is largely ignored by all the other news, but its impact on girls is increasing day by day. And so it seems once again that … Read more

Moderate Islam in Senegal as a Barrier against Religious Extremism

Aspirant leaders, a mystical community. Pictured on the right is Amadou Bamba, “the great Sufi teacher who was exiled to Gabon and Mauritania.” Erica Kowal (CC BY-SA 2.0) Journalist Kris Berwouts from MO* traveled through Senegal to make a cross-section of a country with a unique religious history. On the one hand, he saw moderate … Read more