Coronavirus and discrimination increase maternal mortality in Latin America

During the corona pandemic, in many Latin American countries, little attention has been paid to pregnant women – an at-risk group. As a result, the number of maternal deaths is increasing again. Brazil has had the dubious honor of emerging as the Latin American champion for maternal mortality from the coronavirus pandemic. The country saw … Read more

China’s population is shrinking and this affects the whole world

Shanghai University of Social Sciences expects the population to shrink for the first time this year after the 1959-1961 famine This year, China’s population will shrink for the first time in more than half a century. Xiujian Peng, an economist at Victoria University, writes that this is the beginning of a major transformation, with implications … Read more

“Poverty is nothing but a symptom far from our bed”

Menstruation is normal. However, not everyone always has enough money to buy tampons, menstrual cups, or sanitary pads. The so-called menopause also occurs in our regions, and more often than you think. “The fact that poor menstruation remains a problem should set all alarm bells ringing.” nFollowing a survey by Plan International UK, menstrual poverty … Read more

An English lesson hinders the success of African girls

Somali girls in a classroom in the Barav, Somalia. Scientists say in a new report that many African children lack basic English language skills, which has important implications for their learning. AMISOM Images/Tobin Jones/Flickr (CC0) Millions of schoolchildren in large parts of sub-Saharan Africa sit silently in the classroom, finding it difficult to follow lessons … Read more

“My children have a chance for a better future here”

Pixabay / Bethany Ruffin (CC0) Chilean lawyer Constanze Straub moved to Belgium nearly 4 years ago with her children and her Belgian husband. For many who immigrate, it takes a while to find a new country with a new language, as she writes in this blog. She is now an educational ambassador for FMDO, an … Read more

Turkish women hope to get free HPV vaccine after landmark lawsuit

When Turkish student Yagmur Varkal learned she had to pay for a vaccine that would protect her against cervical cancer, she was furious. The health authorities took to court to get their money back, achieving a historic victory. Since then, other Turkish women have taken legal action to demand free access to human papillomavirus (HPV) … Read more