The hidden and heartbreaking impact of COVID-19: Millions of children who have lost a parent | National Geographic

hidden disaster By the spring of 2020, the pandemic had not yet hit Zambia, but Remy Hamabande was concerned as he watched COVID-19 rock the rest of the world. As country director for the non-profit Forgotten Voices, which operates in several countries in South Africa, Hamabande knew the pandemic would be difficult for children in … Read more

Snow glows in the Russian Arctic. a reason? Little sea creatures. – National Geographic

A day later, Emelianenko placed a luminous snow globe under a stereomicroscope to search for the cause of the bioluminescence. She unsuccessfully flicked a needle into the remnant of the ball while waiting for it to dissolve completely. Until she saw a few small one-eyed crabs in the tender contents of the Petri dish. When … Read more

Why do signs of life on Mars seem so confusing? National Geographic

In 2012, a new era in Mars research began when NASA launched its six-wheeled vehicle curiousity In the crater of the volcano Gale. Today, this crater, 155 kilometers in diameter, contains a large mountain composed of many stratified sediments that record Mars’ geology past. The main purpose of curiousity It is the search for signs … Read more

The discovery of the first dinosaur suffering from respiratory diseases | National Geographic

One hundred and forty-five million years ago, a sauropod wandered who must have felt bad. His nose was bleeding with mucus, and the Jurassic herbivore had a fever and coughing fits that caused his long, muscular neck to shake up and down. The condition may be fatal for him; The disease had such a huge … Read more