News from Berkelland » Brother and sister Zevrink from Ruurlo are off to a good start on the NKB Street Championstour

By the editorial staff on 12-05-2022 RUURLO – On the morning of Saturday, December 3rd, the klootschieters from Holland were ready early for the first Championstour competition day, part street. With temperatures around freezing and strong winds, not the best conditions for high performance. basic bandThe site was the Geesterenseveldweg in Geesteren (Ov). During two … Read more

News from Berkelland » Gelselaar yacht slip on Saturday 10th December

By the editorial staff on 12-05-2022 Gelselaar – Members of the Royal Dutch Hunting Society (KNJV) will hold the annual Gelselaar Yachting again on Saturday, December 10, 2022. 40 contestantsThe toboggan run begins at 13:00 at Erve Brooks’ Pie Restaurant (Gelselaar). Approximately 40 passengers will from herecrowd led ChaseDogs lead a nice path in the … Read more

News from Berkelland »Eibergen and Beltrum kids can ski

By the editorial staff on 12-02-2022 EIBERGEN / BELTRUM – On Monday, November 28th, the last lesson of the Piet de Wit Skating 2022 project was for the children of Eibergen and Beltrum. annualEvery year the sports association Berkelland (SFB) and Eibergse IJsvereniging take the children who register from groups 7 and 8 by bus … Read more

News from Berkelland » Meet the Parkinson’s Café Berkeland December 8: Occupational Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

By the editorial staff on 11-27-2022 BIRKELAND – Occupational therapists Maryse Frogdenhell (Ergo ACE) and Saskia Sollmann (Senseer), both Parkinson’s Net participants, give a presentation on occupational therapy and answer questions. What does an occupational therapist do? When and how do I call an occupational therapist? Advice from an occupational therapist What are the costs … Read more

News from Berkelland » Lynn Bouwmeester’s success at Olst

By the editorial board on 11-27-2022 NEEDE – In the Olst dressage competition, Lynn Bouwmeester started with her horse Mon Chardonnay in the L1 dressage class. They led two Tests impressively and managed a second and first prize with 192 and 197 runs. Len and Donna play for PSV Diebenheim. Copyright © 2022 NUB Cognition: … Read more

News from Berkelland » Ditzel tiling from Borculo New Main Sponsor Gelderse Keepers School

By the editorial staff on 10-30-2022 BORCULO – Recently, Borculo’s Tegelzetbedrijf Ditzel and Edwin Susebeek’s Gelderse Keepers School signed a sponsorship agreement for major sponsorship. This makes Tegelzetbedrijf Ditzel the sponsor of Ditzel Apparel for Applicant and Applicant Plus for 3 years. Edwin Sobeck explains. “Now gives Gelderse Keepers the opportunity to purchase new outfits … Read more

News from Berkelland » De Eendracht Haarlo’s Jubilee Gala Swing

By the editorial staff on 11-24-2022 HAARLO – Haarlo’s Muziekvereniging de Eendracht will hold the last concert of the jubilee year on Saturday 26 November. Because of the 100th anniversary, this party was held around the theme of party and dance. De Eendracht also welcomes two special guests: vocal soloists Mathanja Kornelissen and Rutger de … Read more

News from Berkelland » New members of the BBB, CDA and VVD Committee

By the editorial staff on 11-23-2022 BERLIN – Three new members of the Citizens Committee were installed Tuesday evening during a council meeting. Erik Klein Bluemink will now join the BBB as a member of the committee, for VVD it will be Mr Koopman and Anouk Slutter will become a member of the committee on … Read more

News from Berkelland » Medals for swimmers from VASBRENG

By the editorial staff on 11-23-2022 BERLIN – Team VASBRENG swimmers, who scored impressive victories at the Special Olympics Twenty in June, were able to prove themselves again last weekend at the De Grote Koppel pool in Arnhem. There were swimming in different age groups. Swimming clubs from all over the country participated. VASBRENG swimmers … Read more

News from Berkelland » Suddenly Schurenke wins Gorssel

By the editorial staff on 11-22-2022 Neede – During a dressage competition in Guersel, De Pasruiters’ Neede’s Vajah Scheurinck tested well twice, with her filly Golden Star vd Schermeer Hof. This combination succeeded in winning first and second prizes in the M1 class. Photo: Kathleen Van Winden Copyright © 2022 NUB Cognition: Nils Wurtmann – … Read more