News from Berkelland »Meike Wantia Club Champion GAREO Racks

By Editors on 06-30-2022 REKKEN – It rained medals during Rekken’s mutual recreational gym competitions. Over thirty guys competed for the medal on the crossbar, bridge, floor, jump and rings. The absolute winner was Meike Wantia, who had the highest daily score of all award winners. She can call herself the 2022 club champion and … Read more

News from Berkelland »Jolink has an ‘unpleasant feeling’ on the rise

By Editors on 05-24-2022 Birkelland – With his famous smile, he showed his latest acquisition: a guitar in the form of a painter’s board with a special place for yellow and blue for Ukraine. Normal foreman, Benny Golink, is clearly in a good mood now that he’s been allowed back in with Normal with Ascension, … Read more

News from Berkelland » Investigators hand out fines during searches

By Editors on 05-24-2022 BIRKLAND – On the afternoon of Friday, May 13, 2022, municipal investigation officers conducted searches in the outskirts of Berkeland. Several people have been fined or warned. Additional attention was paid to undercut during checks. The checks were carried out in the context of the Business Safe Zone (KVO) Quality Mark. … Read more

News from Berkelland » SFB Appoints Three New Board Members, Peter Brugman New SFB Chairman

By the editors on May 31, 2022 BERLIN – Three new members of the Board of Directors were appointed on the evening of Monday 30 May during a meeting of the General Members of the Berkeland Sports Association near Brinsen in Harlow. The SFB Board of Directors consisting of Ankie Droppers, Stefan Ormel, Michel Stoverink … Read more

News from Berkelland » Valse Loch’s performance hit from Beltrum at Dumpert

By the editors on May 27, 2022 Beltrum – Beltrum’s Valse Loch orchestra was a huge hit at Dumpert. The site posted the video online on Friday afternoon. In a very short time, the movie has already been viewed tens of thousands of times and so the Mop Orchestra has suddenly become national news. Copyright … Read more

News from Berkelland » Cat Pip is missing in Neede

By Editors on May 30-2022 NEEDE – Since noon on Friday, May 27, the cat Pip has gone missing in Neede. The not-too-large black/white female with green/yellow eyes was last seen at Rosenkamp in Ned. Have you seen anything in the past few days or do you know anything about Pep’s place? Please contact the … Read more

News from Berkelland »Bistro de Olliemölle once again awarded the Bib Gourmand

By Editors on May 30-2022 Borculo – They are happy and proud at the Bistro de Olliemölle in Borculo. The bistro has once again been awarded the Bib Gourmand Award. Roel Sieverink has been the new chef at Borculose Catering since the beginning of this year. In addition to awarding Michelin stars, the Michelin jury … Read more

News from Berkelland » Evelien Daalwijk relieves Bennie Morsink as OBL/BBB party chief

By Editors on May 30-2022 BERLIN – The OBL/BBB group voted on Monday evening to select a new group president. Evelien Daalwijk of Geesteren, who received more than 900 preferential votes during the elections in March, is the new party leader. “The fact that we chose not to continue with Benny Morsink as party leader … Read more

News from Berkelland » Promotions to celebrate the women of VIOS 1

By Editors on May 30-2022 Beltrum – In 2022, the 50th Anniversary of Women’s Soccer will be celebrated in Vios. The second team of VR 7-7 was already able to become champions in April, but now the flagship VR1 can put the icing on the cake. Last weekend, FC Eibergen was defeated and a qualifying … Read more

News from Berkelland » Destroyed seat in Neede watchtower

By the editors on May 27, 2022 NEEDE – The seat next to the Neede watchtower has been destroyed. On Friday, volunteers discovered to their dismay that the seat had been taken care of by miscreants. The damage is significant because it is not easy to repair. So the question is whether anyone has seen … Read more