Van de G. talked about the relationship with Esmee: “Cuddle is possible, but no one should really know”

(Photo: Key City). “You can cuddle. But really no one, but no one, should know it,” is one of the messages from Olivier van de J. (33) To my 14-year-old name. Her body was found lifeless on New Year’s Eve in a park near Melchior Treublaan in Leiden. Her gymnastics teacher, 33-year-old Van DJ, was … Read more

Suspicious murder, Esmee will hear verdict on Monday: Reconstructing the murder case

Esmee with her horse Tappie. (Photo: Corticas family) 33-year-old gymnastics teacher Olivier van de Gee from Leiden is on trial today on suspicion of strangling 14-year-old Esme. She disappeared on the evening of December 30, 2021. Her remains were found the next morning on a tree in a park near Melchior Treublaan in Leiden. How … Read more

Special Education for Child Care: Children in Two Chairs

Playing outside is not an option for all children, they depend on specialized care for it. (Image: Caption via Pixabay). Caring for children in special education is complex. Playing with children in the neighborhood is not an option, because then they will be bullied or excluded. They are in special education and need more attention … Read more

After 50 years, Alice van Zandvik dropped out of her high school

Alice van Zandwijk on the stairs to the costume vault at Bonaventure College. (Photos: Royland Van Willy). Fifty years later, Alice van Zandwijk left her secondary school, Bonaventura College at Mariënpoelstraat in Leiden. I started there as a first grader. She then did an internship there while she was studying. Then she was offered a … Read more