Here’s what you wanted to know about shooting 1,600 Oostvaardersplassen deer | the animals

It was announced on Thursday that Staatsb there are also a very large number of heck cows and Konnik horses. In response to this news, has received many questions via the response platform NUjij. In this article we answer your most important questions. Waarom schieten we de dieren af en laten we het niet … Read more

Here’s what you wanted to know about the killing of 1,600 deer in Ostvardersplatsen | the animals

11 nov 2022 om 19:52 Ook te veel heckrunderen en konikpaarden In de Oostvaardersplassen loopen ook ongeveer vierhonderd heckrunderen. Daarvan moeten er honderd worden afgeschoten. Ook van de konikpaarden zijn er te veel. Staatsbosbeheer herplaatst de meeste paarden in andere natuurreservaten in Europa. Enkele tientallen dieren gaan naar het slachtuis. Earder Beeld: ANP Lees meer … Read more

Teaching refugee children creaks and squeaks: Not everyone has a place in time | Currently

Because of the overcrowding in the asylum reception, not all refugee children can be educated on time. Sometimes there is also a lack of insight for these children. This is evidenced by the conversations has with the relevant organizations. “It’s really, really, really full.” The crisis in the refugee reception area was clearly visible … Read more

The wolf appears more and more: why not be afraid of them | the animals

29 okt 2022 om 11:59 0:26Afspelen knop Is there still a place in the Netherlands for wolves? This, of course, depends on who you ask. Recently, the debate has raged about whether there is a place for the wolf in our country. Environmentalists applaud the arrival of the wolf. But many ranchers see no point … Read more

Pandemic and pressure to perform are taking a heavy toll on girls’ mental health | Currently

The mental health of girls has deteriorated in recent years. During the corona operations, they often became lonely, while the boys resorted to their gaming devices. At the same time, girls bear more of the burden of performance pressure than boys, even outside of school. In secondary education, the proportion of Dutch girls with emotional … Read more