Children bearing the brunt of the crisis in asylum care

facts management policy June 20 2022 Last update: June 20, 2022 The situation of young people and children receiving regular asylum must be improved quickly Staying for days in night shelters, without access to education or medical care and not receiving needed guidance and assistance. This is a daily reality for refugee children. Their situation … Read more

Obsessive-compulsive and obsessive-compulsive sports: recognition and action

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re totally addicted to running. Where he may have started training once or twice a week, four, five, maybe six or seven times is now the norm rather than the exception. He’s likely to have asked those around you “if it can’t be done less” and “if … Read more

Research shows why exercise is good for the brain | National Geographic

How do muscles affect the brain? During exercise, molecules that have a direct effect on brain aging are secreted. Research into this process only began 25 years ago with the publication of two studies by Henriette van Praag, a postdoctoral researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California. In the research papers, van … Read more

112 News: Arrests at work Extinction Rebellion | Schiedammer leads to an agent

112 Today 15:52 † Reading time 5 minutes Extinction Action in Rebellion in Rotterdam © Media TV In this post, we will provide you with the most important 112 news from the region as of Friday, May 20. 15:39 – Fifteen arrested in the act of Extinction Rebellion Fifteen Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested … Read more

How do you know when your relationship ends? “It is a matter of feeling, not of knowing.” | right Now

We all have moments of doubt, but how do you know if and when it still makes sense to work on your relationship? Two experts give advice. The cake might just be gone – maybe one of them hasn’t been right for a while or he’s been insecure and the frantic aura times have caused … Read more