Parents’ dilemma: Should your child be vaccinated or not? These are the pros and cons of the Corona virus

Jan 18 2022 om 19:31Update: 10 maanden geleden Zo klein is de kans dat een vijf- tot elfjarige in het ziekenhuis komt In zes Europese landen zijn 65,800 jonge kinderen met COVID-19 én milde klachten in de gaten gehouden. Van die groep is 0.61 procent opgenomen in het ziekenhuis. In totaal moesten 46 kinderen naar … Read more

Pandemic and pressure to perform are taking a heavy toll on girls’ mental health | Currently

The mental health of girls has deteriorated in recent years. During the corona operations, they often became lonely, while the boys resorted to their gaming devices. At the same time, girls bear more of the burden of performance pressure than boys, even outside of school. In secondary education, the proportion of Dutch girls with emotional … Read more