Hiking 4 times in the Swabian Alb

A unique and versatile low mountain range stretches across the German state of Baden-Württemberg, full of half-timbered villages, majestic castle ruins, remarkable geological phenomena and above all beautiful nature. Leave each day behind for a while, put on your hiking boots and explore the endless valleys, hills, rocks and fields of the Swabian Alb during … Read more

This perfectly illustrates how the abuse of power works

†“It’s not true that the camera never lies,” says Selena Scott. Because if the camera never lies, it will (Saville, red† I was already exposed years ago. Scott was a young TV presenter in Breakfast timeH on the BBC when she gave a regular interview to Jimmy Savile in the early 1980s. Scott was a … Read more

Top 5 books about motherhood

During dark days we stay nice and safe inside with a nice book in bed or bathroom. Yes, reading is quite a challenge in the tropics, we know, but you really want to make time for this gem! As these are so funny, sweet, fun, and soothing to a mother’s soul, you’re too happy to … Read more

Turkish women hope to get free HPV vaccine after landmark lawsuit

When Turkish student Yagmur Varkal learned she had to pay for a vaccine that would protect her against cervical cancer, she was furious. The health authorities took to court to get their money back, achieving a historic victory. Since then, other Turkish women have taken legal action to demand free access to human papillomavirus (HPV) … Read more

Our talented daughter is literally sick from school and has been at home for the past 3 years. Families like us are crushed by a bureaucratic system not designed to help children | Opinion

“Our talented daughter is literally getting sick from school and has been home for 3 years now.” Photo: shutterstock Saskia Dedrick and her family live in an unpleasant, even painful, situation. To draw attention to this, I have written the letter below to the Ministers of Education, Culture and Science, Robert Dijgraf (D66) and Denis … Read more