Rodent center and animal house full of rabbits: “They are hurled en masse’

“The shelter is really full,” says Audrey Clausen, director of the rodent center at IJmuidense Heerenduinweg. This means that anyone who wants to donate a rabbit or a rodent will be put on a long waiting list and must be patient. Stray animals are still taken care of. But with about forty rabbits and so … Read more

New video titled “Women are Whores” appears

Outside the Amsterdam Student Corps building. Photo: ANP / Evert Elzinga Amsterdam Student Association ASC/AVSV has become infamous again after a number of videos were leaked. Yesterday, another video came out in which half-naked women beat their buttocks against male students. on the table with Rain Two former members of the fraternity told us about … Read more

8 children killed and 24 wounded in Turkish drone strikes in northeastern Syria in August

Hüseyin Kaçmaz, spokesman for the Children’s Committee of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), held a press conference at the HDP headquarters on child mortality rates as a result of Turkey’s escalation of attacks on northern and eastern Syria. Qeshmaz said that 8 children were killed and 24 others wounded in the August attacks alone, and … Read more

More boys than girls suffer from the rare SETD1B syndrome

(ads) facts science education August 24, 2022 Last update: August 23, 2022 There are much more boys with this condition than there are girls, and behavioral problems in particular are more common in boys There is one thing that catches the attention of children with the rare SETD1B syndrome. Boys get sick more often than … Read more

Anders Juncker, the new national coach for the women’s national team, is sociable, straightforward and ambitious

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. Stop!” In the documentary Between fish and steel We see coach Andres Juncker standing in front of the Telstar players. Together they look at photos of the match in which the away win in the last seconds. Seventeen … Read more

Physiotherapist Don Lammers at Herning: The rider prioritizes the horse

The TeamNL team that traveled to Herning, Denmark, is made up of a large group and we naturally think primarily of the athletes themselves, their ethnicity and the national coaches. However, such a world championship has many aspects in which more people participate. Today we speak with Don Lammers, Physiotherapist for the Dutch delegation in … Read more