Gender equality and youth perspectives are at the heart of Minister Schrenemacher’s policy note

Minister Schreinmacher’s Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation makes good choices in her policy note. However, its commitment to a combination of trade and aid carries significant risks. Since the Scientific Council for Government Policy published the important report Less Pretend, More Ambition in 2010, the pillars of the Dutch Development Cooperation (DS) policy framework have … Read more

“I’m falling in love with a character.”

Mark your calendar: From July 30 to August 7 2022 it will be Pride Amsterdam again. This year, the organization has gone big again with an eventful week, with Canal Parade as the closing event. Linda de Monk (27 years old) can call herself the proud ambassador this year, a creative businesswoman, cool girl, feminist … Read more

Nature today | What are the alternatives to fall fallow deer?

Sandra Den-Adel, President of the Southwest Delta District at Staatsb Glosbeheer, began the symposium by noting how special it was that so many different parties, with so many different opinions, came together this afternoon. “Discussions on how to ensure there are not so many fallow deer have not always been constructive to date. We hope … Read more

Face to face: Wieteke Zwama

When I interviewed Wieteke Zwama, she was ready for GrootHeerenveen’s photographer, Mustafa Gumuso. Buying something new for a photo shoot wasn’t an option, but for Wieteke, that’s not a problem. “Look, I got this shirt from a friend. And this skirt was left over from the clothes exchange event. Super fun, right?” between and wight … Read more