Nature today | Dilemma: Should we let black grouse die in the Netherlands or not?

In the middle of the twentieth century, it is estimated that thousands of grouse lived in our country. Today there are several dozen. The animals are only found in the Sallandse Heuvelrug and they are also having a hard time there. The birds have been imported from Sweden every year since 2012, to support the … Read more

Dairy farmers do ‘very well’ with hay huts in the first half

A man in his twenties appears carrying a trolley astonishingly on a narrow country road in Boulder, near Zoetermeer. He spent the night with his friends in one of the thatched huts of Arjan and Yvonne Berg. “It far exceeds expectations.” A small kitchen, five beds (bunkers), a shower and a toilet of 20 sq.m. … Read more

Annette Gauch with Bellow, Fifth Place World Cup in France – Working Equestrian: Enjoy your article, but at a high level

Last year, Annette Gauch (58) rode an impressive European Championship with Lusitano Gilding Belleau (16) in Montpellier, France, as a member of the German squad. She has also qualified for the German Championatskader. After all the qualifying rounds, she was given one of four starting cards that were available for the German World Championship rallies … Read more

Save the children | New report: Under Taliban rule, girls are becoming more isolated, hungry and sad

August 10, 2022 A year after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the economic crisis, drought and new restrictions have taken the lives of Afghan girls. A quarter of girls show signs of depression. Breaking point in the report: Children’s Lives One year after the Taliban seized power shows that 97% of families find it … Read more