Italy is heading for prime minister, but not all women are happy about it

Environmental Protection Agency NOS . News•Today 18:59 Helen Dehnes Italy reporter Helen Dehnes Italy reporter “I think Italy is ready, more than it thinks itself,” Giorgia Meloni told a British journalist two years ago who asked if she could become prime minister. The words of the radical right-wing politician turned out to be prophetic. Opinion … Read more

Thijs de Zeeuw: “I’m an optimist by nature, but of course things don’t go well”

When you come from the subway, you first walk through a fenced area where two big pigs are looking for food: Barry and Rosetta. But they’re not why landscape architect Thijs de Zieu, who specializes in designing zoo animal enclosures, chose VerbroederIJ in Amsterdam-Noord for lunch. Nor does he care about the city beach on … Read more

Unintended barriers prevent students from training according to their preferences

The inspection body monitors access to higher education: those qualified for admission to higher education must also be accepted. However, students can be prevented from choosing a particular study program due to unintended side effects of the study program characteristics. These potential thresholds have now been investigated. For example, prospective students are not encouraged because … Read more

Why do these male furry mammals sing with a human rhythm | 24 kitchens

As the sun rises over the Dead Sea, male rocky badgers in Israel crawl out of their dark burrows and begin to sing. To the human ear, tones sound like a cross between the crackling of a hyena and the scratching of chalk on a chalkboard. But for the female rock hyrax, each chorus is … Read more

The joint Antwerp Zoo who had a “relationship” with a monkey is denied access to the park: its “behavior is harmful to the animal” (Antwerp 2018)

Caregivers note that chimpanzee chita is very externally affected and that he cannot maintain his position in the group. To counter this, there have been warnings for years that visitors are not allowed to come into contact with the great apes. “We have tried to make this subscriber aware for years that her behavior is … Read more

Global action is required against deadly interference in Iran’s protests

World leaders now gathered at the United Nations General Assembly should support calls for independent international investigations to ensure accountability in Iran’s ongoing impunity crisis. The urgency of this is underlined once again by the death of 22-year-old young woman Mahsa (Zeina) Amini, and the violence unleashed by security forces on protesters. At least eight … Read more