‘Dances With Wolves’ Actor Arrested: ‘He Molested Girls For Decades As A Spiritual Cult Leader’

Nathan Chasing Horse, as he calls himself, was arrested Tuesday afternoon when he left his home in North Las Vegas, where he lived with at least five wives. He is accused of sexually abusing children under the age of sixteen, child abuse and sex trafficking. A search of the house found several devices with images … Read more

Kim Holland advises about love: “If you have a good relationship, you can push the boundaries.” | internal

“Good afternoon, very nice, horny.” Former porn star and love coach Kim Holland knows the eyes are on herself at Thiemeloods in Nijmegen. You’ll talk about love, the role of sex, openness, and taboos in relationships. Holland drives a canary yellow Porsche. She is in Nijmegen on Saturday afternoon at the invitation of Ann Kemming. … Read more

IFFR 2023 Postcard: Children – Cinema

Of course cinema there again, this 52H Edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. A release that had a turbulent start to say the least, but now we’re focused on movies again. With a number of the films in this postcard about young children in situations that are already beyond their age. Iranian cinema has … Read more

Six widows and fifteen children were left behind by the Texel flood disaster

The victims of the February 1st flood disaster are commemorated on Wednesday at the memorial on the De Eendrachtspolder dam. Exactly 70 years ago, six aid workers died in that disaster. Relatives, witnesses, aid workers and directors of the water board and municipality gathered during the commemoration. Mayor Uitdehaag and deputy dam warden Veneman lay … Read more

Two interesting cornices in group 9

A group of Obolensky and Comme Cornet il with sons Van Cornet faut van son was selected from among the van from other offspring. Two direct Is it possible Z Argenintus) international jumps a little more and also key to the big jump of Obolensky and de is Hus and Obolenksy x extra and (interesting … Read more

Onegin De Munt: tight, idyllic vocals and the loudest voice

Master conductor Alain Altenoglu was rewarded with cheers on Sunday afternoon, January 29, in Brussels-Montchebourg for a fine performance by Tchaikovsky. Eugene Onegin. He galvanized the symphony orchestra of the Mont Opera with elan from the intimate lyric playing to the colorfully dramatic presentation of the score from 1879. Olga in pink, (Lili Jorstad) Tatjana … Read more