Foodwatch launches ‘pink slime’ lawsuit against the state

Foodwatch has launched a lawsuit against the Dutch state over mechanically separated meat: also known as “injection meat” or “pink slime”. This “meat” is the last remnant of muscle fibers and tendons that are removed from the bones with the help of high water pressure. Foodwatch’s in-depth research shows the state is violating food safety. … Read more

The intimacy of undisturbed visits

In the prison to be relations And intimacy is very important. Sometimes love stories happen in the institution itself, precisely because it is very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone from the outside. Only through visits can detainees maintain this bond. Can a married couple really escape the prison system? There is such a … Read more

Save the children | New report: Under Taliban rule, girls are becoming more isolated, hungry and sad

August 10, 2022 A year after the Taliban seized power, an economic crisis, drought and new restrictions have taken the lives of Afghan girls. A quarter of girls show signs of depression. the report Breaking point: Children’s lives a year after the Taliban seized power, shows that 97% of families find it difficult to feed … Read more