Epstein ‘Girl Recruiter’ trial begins: Ghislaine Maxwell faces 80 years in prison | View Instagram

videoJeffrey Epstein can no longer appear in court, but the woman who helped him, according to justice, recruit abused girls, must answer the charges today. Carleen van Hollingen November 29. 2021 Last updated: 11/29/21, 10:37 According to American Justice, Ghislaine Maxwell (59) played a significant role in years of abuse of underage girls by the … Read more

Do people heat up for a free shower timer? “My kids will be in the bathroom in about 45 minutes.”

“I really tried to take a shower as soon as possible a while ago,” says Damien (14). “And that was really five minutes, or something.” He usually showers for fifteen minutes, just like his friend Tejo (14 years) who is standing next to him.Harry Cook / de Volkskrant Statue “The show is my guilty pleasure,” … Read more

News from Friesland from 9 and 10 April | The cold in the provincial alliance is out of the air at the moment and the latest certificates awarded at the Kollum Swimming Center

Vincent Gottschalk at the Swimming Center. Photography by Markel van Kamen The cold in regional politics is unexpected at the moment: the four coalition parties struck deals during an emergency meeting on Sunday that all parties involved can live with. Dozens of children earned a swimming diploma on Saturday at the Zwemcentrum Kollum, which is … Read more

Everything in the Netherlands always revolves around as many pills as possible, including the forgotten virus crisis

Twin HeijmansFebruary 1, 202219:17 Drowsiness, phlegm, signs of the virus are known, confusion and death. Victims fall from the sky and then lie there as if drugged, or go around the gardens, on the street, on the embankment, pulling their necks. There is not much to do but his heart. Elke Jan and Rinaldo say … Read more