“Russian rapprochement with North Korea is a golden opportunity for Kim Jong Un”

international•August 20 ’22 08:17author: Jasper Dams Russia wants to strengthen relations with neighboring North Korea. North Korean state media reported that Vladimir Putin wrote in a letter to his counterpart Kim Jong Un that it is in the two countries’ interests to seek further rapprochement. The alliance between the two countries will certainly not bode … Read more

Good news: Omicron vaccine on the way is a solution to ‘forever dangerous’ PFAS | Currently

Because of the bad news that usually dominates NU.nl, sometimes it snows. So on Saturday we are going to include some positive and cheerful news. This time: an omikron vaccine on the way, a solution to PFAS, and free sanitary pads for Scottish women. The British green light for the omikron seems to be a … Read more