“But are the other parties ready for us?”

Jonas van Lammeren, leader of the Animal Party in Amsterdam, would like to join the board of directors after March 16.Mark Driessen’s photo Jonas van Lamaren (49) is the winner. Since being elected to city council in 2010 as Amsterdam’s first-ever Animal Party politician, he has garnered more votes in every election thereafter. In 2018, … Read more

Arnhem Central and Party for the Animals make gains at Arnhem, Volt and Forum are newcomers | Arnhem municipal elections 2022

Election 2022ARNHEM – GroenLinks remains the largest party in the capital of Gelderland with seven seats. Arnhem Centraal and Party for the Animals made profits. Wohlt and the Forum for Democracy are the newcomers to the House with two and two seats, respectively. This council will be further divided into 14 political parties over the … Read more

There is less war rhetoric about Tigray

Emergency aid returns to Tigray, which has been cut off from the outside world by the war. The Ethiopian government’s blockade of the country – “probably the worst humanitarian handicap in the world” according to USAID – was broken last week when several trucks loaded with food aid entered the area. There is also less … Read more

One of the world’s largest marine snails is endangered | National Geographic

special coincidence The study focused on the shells found in Florida, but the species Triplofusus giganteus It occurs in the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina, across the Gulf of Mexico to the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. According to archaeologist Karen J. Walker, indigenous peoples in coastal areas ate snails and used the … Read more