Verstappen, Leclerc and Hamilton have a holiday: ‘This experience changes my life’ | Formula 1

It is currently the summer break in Formula 1. The next race is the Belgium Grand Prix on August 28. So drivers enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But what do they do during that? Overview. Browse Lewis Hamilton for Roots: our apologies Unfortunately, we cannot display this social post, live blog, etc because it contains one … Read more

What if your partner is addicted to sex? “The most harmful thing is not the sex itself, but the lie.” | healthy

How do you deal withYou often read stories about people who are sick or have a condition, but how do you actually deal with this as a partner, family member, or friend? In this section, experts give practical advice. This week: Shanti Silos. Her ex-boyfriend with whom she had been in a relationship for 2.5 … Read more

We judge him but why do we cheat?

Photo: Unsplash Many well-known, but also unknown, Dutch people are nowadays socially defamed for their adulterous affairs or actions. We made our judgment about cheating quite easily. The phrase “cut the relationship and never look back” sounds like a quick relationship, but practically it doesn’t always work out that simple. But why are we actually … Read more

The number of relationship therapists has grown exponentially in recent years: “Working on your relationship is less of a taboo”

210 percent. It’s the increase in the number of couples therapists in the past nine years, according to Chamber of Commerce figures. Experienced therapists and experts believe that this is because there are fewer and fewer taboos on couples therapy. There was a taboo at work on your relationship, but that seems to be a … Read more

The intimacy of undisturbed visits

In the prison to be relations And intimacy is very important. Sometimes love stories happen in the institution itself, precisely because it is very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone from the outside. Only through visits can detainees maintain this bond. Can a married couple really escape the prison system? There is such a … Read more