“I thought I had closed this toxic chapter until I talked to a friend about her relationship. Then I realized what had happened”

I got rid of Stromae off the top of the Flemish charts, with a text that was on paper within an hour. In exchange for three Snickers and Kinder Bueno, a radio DJ helped her. “My current boyfriend thinks twice before sitting down with me,” says MEAU (21). Gunther van AshApril 9, 20223 o’clock MEAU … Read more

Jos Verstappen: “Giving up Max is definitely painful, but the value…

Grandmother – In about twenty years, Jos Verstappen has shaped his son Max from kart talent into potential world champion in Formula 1. It’s time to let the man who found the right mix of hard training school and parenting hugs do the talking. Embroidered drops on his forehead. No, it’s not a sweat of … Read more

Who is Max Verstappen’s mother: All about Sophie Combin

Sophie-Marie ‘Sophie’ Kumpen is Max Verstappen’s mother, but what role does the former Belgian racing driver actually play in her son’s life? And why wasn’t Combin present when Verstappen won his first world title in Formula 1? Sophie Combin was born on October 30, 1975 in the Belgian city of Hasselt, where her son Max … Read more

4 tips for building a relationship with the municipality and advisors as a football club

How can you, as a football club or board member, ensure that sport and exercise are (and remain) on the political agenda? – Photo: KNVB Media Municipal elections are behind us. Now the formation process begins and the results are of great importance to Dutch society as well as to sport and exercise. Municipalities are … Read more