F1 in brief | “With Formula 1, Liberty Media is the most valuable sports empire”

In the department F1 in short carry F1Maximum.nl Inform you of the latest news from the Royal Motorsport class that does not qualify for widespread mention, but is of course relevant to indicate on the website. “With Formula 1, Liberty Media is the most valuable sports empire” to me Forbes magazine The Liberty Media sports … Read more

Family constellation, the solution to problems that persist for generations?

Hair color, fainting, night blindness, stuttering, ADHD, seborrheic warts, hearing loss, storefront legs … Many of the articles on Max’s website today deal with topics related to genetic predisposition. But this type of inheritance can go further and span several generations, according to some psychotherapists. They swear by the family constellation. What is this and … Read more

Children who have not been cheated also receive thousands of euros in benefits

AP NOS News•Today 06:37 Anne Bruce Research intro Anne Bruce Research intro An unknown number of children receive thousands of euros in compensation due to the issue of benefits, while they themselves have nothing to do with it. They are legally entitled to it, but in some cases they don’t even know the cheated parent … Read more

Max Verstappen and other Jumbo athletes await Frits van Erd’s investigation: ‘Let’s watch out’ | Formula 1

Max Verstappen and other players in the world of sport sponsored by Jumbo are waiting to see what comes of the judicial investigation involving Frits van Erd (55). On Tuesday, searches were carried out in various places in the course of an extensive money laundering investigation, including at a large jumbo man, who was also … Read more

Magazine maker Mandy Walkins: “It doesn’t have to be polished and pretty”

Around lunchtime, there is a long line for Chun’s, a sandwich shop in Amsterdam. Reservation was not possible. I join the queue behind four young Brits, until I notice I’m getting ahead: the queue will continue across the street because otherwise the entrance to the coffee company would be blocked. Twenty minutes later, two of … Read more

A relationship therapist tells you what the deal details are in the relationship

After a new TV series called GrandpaNPO, commissioned a study on deal-breaking in a relationship. What should and should not be shared with your partner? Relationship therapist Ryan Royce believes that you shouldn’t always share everything with your partner. “Protecting your independence is very important. Even if you’re shamelessly pinching your nose or sitting alone … Read more

The biggest question mark surrounding any team heading into the 2023 season

It is now two months into the 2022 season, and preparations for the 2023 season are in full swing for both teams and drivers. Revelations of the cars will start from next week, after which the testing days will mark the end of the winter break at the end of February. What is the biggest … Read more