How do you know when your relationship ends? “It is a matter of feeling, not of knowing.” | right Now

We all have moments of doubt, but how do you know if and when it still makes sense to work on your relationship? Two experts give advice. The cake might just be gone – maybe one of them hasn’t been right for a while or he’s been insecure and the frantic aura times have caused … Read more

How are Martin and Sean and their shared dream now? – I’m leaving

In Saturday’s broadcast, May 7, 2022, we see how Martijn and Sean build their shared dream with uncompromised confidence and enthusiasm: a gay resort in Curaçao. Unfortunately, renewal stresses and financial worries put an end to their relationship. Sean returns to Holland and Martin continues on his own. How are you now? Martijn Update – … Read more

when are you ready

Dating coach Denise Janmaat wrote a book: “Dating – When Your Partner Isn’t Around.” It tells you when you notice in yourself that you are ready to open up to a new love. For anyone who has lost a loved one, a different grieving process follows. Dennis says this has something to do with the … Read more

I’ve been in love with someone who doesn’t love me for years.

Illustration: Jorm S via AdobeStock. At “Ask VICE” we answer your questions with the help of psychologists, experts and expert experts. at ASK VICE We answer your life questions with the help of psychologists, experts and experience experts. Whether it’s unrequited love, annoying roommates, or a feeling of insecurity that bothers you after evening drink† … Read more