“Johnson’s flexible relationship with truth turns Partigate into a constitutional crisis” – Scientist

Boris Johnson wrote the first prime minister who was fined during his presidency, writes Lea van Beethoven. And he had assured the press and parliament that he had complied with the rules of closure during the Corona period, but he had attended a party, at least once. His birthday party was organized by his wife … Read more

The Central Bureau of Statistics draws up the relationship between the sustainable development goals and the circular economy

How do the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the circular economy affect each other? On March 18, 2022, Statistics Netherlands will publish a report examining the nature of this relationship. Make the economy more sustainable With the Sustainable Development Goals, all UN member states strive for a sustainable future. The Netherlands has also committed to … Read more

Stop your indecisive courtship with Zuidas before it’s too late

Aerial view with an overview of the Zuidas office buildings in Amsterdam-Zuid.Dutch photo height / ANP When news reports appear about the relationship between Dutch universities and large accounting and consulting firms, this is actually not good news at all. Last Sunday happened again: news hour I mentioned that Erasmus University has not only agreed … Read more

Now say: I won’t do it again

Have you ever stuck your girlfriend’s head in the car door? Did you slap the announcer in the face during the Oscars? Do you keep the most interesting roles in your performance for employees who also want to have sex with you? Or do you show your female colleagues more of your private members than … Read more

Gus Verstappen annoyed by the Belgian media: “Max is suddenly Belgian?”

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen is known for Dutch pride. The Limburger wears a lion on his helmet, is supported by the Orange Legion and loves to listen to Wilhelmus on the highest rung of the podium. doDisplay(‘div-gpt-ad-PanoramaNL_in-content_top_article’); However, as is known, Max is not entirely Dutch: thanks to his mother Sophie Compen and his … Read more

Sophie works with her husband: “It is difficult to separate work and private life” | Stories behind the news

Jorit and I have known each other since elementary school. We didn’t hang out much at the time. When we were eighteen, we met again at Batavia Stadium and the spark really started. We both worked there at a different store and then started dating. When we moved in together, we came up with the … Read more