Kiki: My thirty-year-old daughter still has no relationship and will soon leave

analgesic children Kiki: My thirty-year-old daughter still has no relationship and will soon leave Kiki is very worried about her daughter, Benthey. She’s almost thirty years old, but she still doesn’t have a steady relationship. “It’s not normal, is it? I think she should act on it, but Benthy isn’t worried and thinks I’m acting … Read more

Will you stay with your loved one forever?

David Gregg’s photoGetty Images The first predictor: a genetic difference in how the body responds to the cuddling hormone oxytocin. What’s up with that? The hormone oxytocin is an important ally in romantic relationships. It is not only released during a close embrace or lovemaking, but also in other moments of positive contact. The strength … Read more

Platform 31 knowledge and network organization of the city and region

“Loans and allowances cause a loss of independence – and people in poverty want to avoid that anyway,” says Riane Kuzee-Hoogeveen. From her own experience, she explains why financially beneficial decisions, such as buying solar panels, are not obvious to the poor. These and many other lessons are proving gold for municipal policy officers and … Read more

The manager was fired after having a sexual relationship with his colleague’s wife

Photo: RechtNet Advocaten An employer who brought his commercial manager to court because he had an affair with the wife of an account manager from the same company during working hours has been ruled in his favour by the Zeeland/West Brabant court. The commercial manager’s employment contract has been terminated and he is not entitled … Read more