Volkskrant is allowed to write about the cross-border behavior of a former D66 member

de Volkskrant You’re still free to write whatever you like about the transnational behavior of former D66 politician Frans van Dremelen. The previous restrictions imposed by the judge on the newspaper are unfounded. This was decided by the multi-chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the appeal of the summary proceedings brought by van … Read more

Emotional Max Verstappen is full of disbelief: ‘Miracles sometimes happen’ | Universal title Verstappen

Max Verstappen was full of disbelief after he made history by being Formula 1 world champion for the first time. Emotions were on display with the 24-year-old Dutchman after an unprecedented close to the race in Abu Dhabi, outpacing Lewis Hamilton on the last lap. Tim Hartmann December 12 2021 Last updated: 14-12-21, 08:04 It’s … Read more

“Sometimes I really hate to go to bed alone, but I am always glad to wake up alone.”

Mark Hasselink: “Now I know I’m just doing better, and I don’t really care what other people think about it anymore”Statue of Desiré van den Berg Taxi driver Mark Haselink, 57, said it himself: “I’m a few people garbage collector† His little rented house in Amsterdam is filled with, well, everything: records, CDs, a row … Read more

Elissa (42 years old) chose an open relationship after her divorce. ‘I only make love to someone else if Dennis agrees’

The Zeitgeist explores the DNA of love: How does your parents’ relationship affect your own? Elissa (42 years old) chose an open relationship after her divorce. “Maybe my mother wanted it that way, too.” Rick BolinsNovember 6, 202117:35 “When I was thirteen I started dating Jesse, the boy next door. I was friends with his … Read more

Spain 2016: How the feud between Rosberg and Hamilton reached boiling point

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg used to be each other’s best friends, but little of that relationship was left at the start of the new season in 2016. Since 2014, both have been battling for the coveted drivers’ title each year. The necessary clashes and intrigue have passed into review and that will reach a … Read more

How do you know when your relationship ends? “It is a matter of feeling, not of knowing.” | right Now

We all have moments of doubt, but how do you know if and when it still makes sense to work on your relationship? Two experts give advice. The cake might just be gone – maybe one of them hasn’t been right for a while or he’s been insecure and the frantic aura times have caused … Read more