We have to do with each other

What comes to your mind when you decide to write a book about freedom? Should that also be about antacids and mouthpiece rejects? Or, in the American context, “protecting the unborn child and provoking the left and the right to bear arms”? Maggie Nelson says the pursuit of freedom is not something that comes naturally … Read more

Baby Queen – De Groene Amsterdammer

Nelly Van Kool with her political husband Henry Van Kool, in the garden of their home in Forschoten, 1909 Sparnstad / ANP . Pictures It caused quite a stir when socialist feminist and well-known children’s book author Nellie van Kohl (1851-1930) converted to Christianity in 1909. She withdrew from public life, but continued to write, … Read more

Thanks to Spotify Lyrics, You’ll Never Sing It Wrong Again: These Are the Ten Most Misunderstood Lyrics | a musician

a musicianSpotify introduced a new feature Thursday: Spotify Lyrics. The name really speaks for itself, from now on you can see the lyrics with the song playing. Helpful, because you’ve probably heard it before: You sing a song with all your heart, but it seems like you’re not using the right words. You may have … Read more