“We shook hands awkwardly.”

Photo: Getty Images Amy (40) with Xavier (42). Together, they have daughters Sophie, 13, and Luna, 10, and son Beau, 8. “I am a Sunday child; my life has never known setbacks, except for adoption. And I don’t even see adoption as a negative thing. My biological parents from South Korea could not take care … Read more

column | Knowing when to stop is an art

“Because my learning curve is leveling off and becoming less steep after these two years, it is time for a new challenge for me”; “Leadership also includes the idea that this role is temporary. We are all dispensable transcribers and God’s work is always a teamwork”; “I know what this job requires and I know … Read more

Anja and Leon take care of Finn (2) like a family next door, so Mum can relax: “They’ve already been called Grandpa and Grandma”

Last year they didn’t know each other yet, and now they are called Grandpa and Grandma by Finn. Anja and Leon take care of a two-year-old boy one day a week. Both the couple and his overburdened mother benefit greatly from this. “It enriches us.” Every Friday, Finn is visited by Anja and Leon van … Read more