The story behind Mama Hong’s Spring Rolls

In the section “Bite Rotterdam” we examine the well-known Rotterdam dishes. How did they grow up? How is the dish made and what is the secret ingredient? This time in the spotlight: Mama Hong’s famous spring rolls. The ad is loading… While shopping, eat a spring roll at Mama Hong: every Rotterdam does it once … Read more

Surprising finale of the Venice Film Festival

With the Golden Lion for the documentary film All beauty and bloodshed The Venice Film Festival had a surprising conclusion on Saturday. Two films have received two awards, as a token of special appreciation: Black Comedy Inisherin from Inisherin The romance cannibal bones and everything. The 79th edition of the rifle saw very strong competition; … Read more

“Our squad’s home base has disappeared.”

Photo: Unsplash Of course, they’ve always been different, but since they’re moms, girlfriends Eva and Ryan have completely diverged. Eva (31 years old), mother of two children (5 and 1): “I recently came across pictures on my phone from a weekend in Valencia. Just three days of chatting, eating, drinking and inhaling the culture. They … Read more

Venice 2022, Blog 8 – The Film Newspaper

movie newspaper Daily reports from the 79th Venice Film Festival, where a masterpiece Saint Omar He managed to connect many of the main themes of the festival. With her first feature film Saint Omar Alice Diop presented the first real masterpiece at the festival. With complete control of form and content, Diop depicts the trial … Read more

Emotional King Charles III in his first speech: “Dear Mama, thank you for your love and devotion” | Queen Elizabeth passed away

VideoKing Charles III had promised in his first televised address as king that he would spend the rest of his life serving the British people, in the manner of his late mother Elizabeth. Geert Langendorf September 9, 2022 Last updated: 21:11 With red-rimmed eyes, King Charles III looked into living rooms around the world at … Read more