Sunday Mother’s Day. Despite all the business, this festive day is just a part of it. Otherwise you can cancel everything: Christmas, Centreclass, birthdays

A man from Delfzijl bought flowers for his mother in Assen. Photo DVHNO For those who forgot: Sunday is Mother’s Day. Many mothers are in the spotlight by their children. Trade knows how to deal with it. A 48-year-old man from Delfzijl bought two sets of colorful flowers from a florist in Appingedam. One of … Read more

Will 3 sisters win the National Hockey League together? Watch the final match live tomorrow | hockey

You can watch the women’s hockey final tomorrow afternoon. In Dragons, the rival of the defending hero Gantoise, 3 sisters stand between the rows. Meet Alex (18), Delphine (20) and “Mama” Ofelly Marien (22). Mother? “That’s what we sometimes call Ophele,” laughs Delphine Marine. “Even our first mother,” Alex winked. “It’s so special and so … Read more

Midwife’s Day: What are the pros and cons of this job? How much do you earn? † Capital

answersThere are more and more midwives in our country. On the occasion of International Day of the Midwife on May 5th, is – literally – shining this life-defining job into the spotlight. What are the advantages? How much does a midwife earn on average and where are there vacancies? Marilyn Raines, president of the … Read more

Column: Goodbye Mom –

pole 46 minutes ago215 طرق views0 Joop van der Hoer, born in 1954 in Rotterdam, is a committed resident of Spijkennes. In addition to being a columnist, he’s also a wedding official, presenter, writer, and ambassador for Villa Joep as he picks up more things that come his way. He worked as a police press … Read more