Bicycling tourist dies while climbing Kemmelberg

“I won’t be around long so we can go to the sea to buy fish. I’m really looking forward to a nice family evening. I’d love to see you.” With these words, Peter Vandorp (51 years old), from the city of Vorn, said goodbye to his wife Hilda Barra (52 years old) on Sunday morning. While climbing Kemmelberg, with a few cycling enthusiasts, he became ill, collapsed and died in hospital.

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“I still feel like a little girl”

Barbara Sarafian (54) plays Agnes, the mother of one of the main characters Mark in the new fantasy series “1985” in a one-off movie about the turbulent 80s. “This has stopped grinding in my head about who I am and what I want to do,” says the actress. “1985” follows friends Mark, Frankie and his … Read more