Foodwatch launches ‘pink slime’ lawsuit against the state

Foodwatch has launched a lawsuit against the Dutch state over mechanically separated meat: also known as “injection meat” or “pink slime”. This “meat” is the last remnant of muscle fibers and tendons that are removed from the bones with the help of high water pressure. Foodwatch’s in-depth research shows the state is violating food safety. … Read more

Status: AI is making a visual podcast for deaf children

Podcast for deaf and hard of hearing children using images generated by artificial intelligence. For KRO-NCRV Willem Wever the Elfstedentocht, the lunar landing and the flood disaster were carried over. strategy The bottom line is that inclusivity plays an important role. Roseanne van de Lemkolk, digital creative at KRO-NCRV, and her team investigated how deaf … Read more