Do people heat up for a free shower timer? “My kids will be in the bathroom in about 45 minutes.”

“I really tried to take a shower as soon as possible a while ago,” says Damien (14). “And that was really five minutes, or something.” He usually showers for fifteen minutes, just like his friend Tejo (14 years) who is standing next to him.Harry Cook / de Volkskrant Statue “The show is my guilty pleasure,” … Read more

Kids Fit Lunch: The 17 Happiest Addresses in the West (NEW) – Neuss

Photo: bakery corner. Holiday and good food like french fries and mayonnaise combine. We know where kids love to have lunch and where fun is in the air. Benji’s, BaarsjeswegDive into this together urban jungle van De Baarsjes and prepare satays, Balinese potatoes, steamed sandwiches with chicken and tropical bowls with frozen fruitSold. Hotspot for … Read more

The most pathetic kids in swimming lessons were the farm kids, they didn’t have swimming trunks | family

poleRoel Abraham is 50 years old but doesn’t want to know, he has six children and only one wife. Trabant leads, stutters through life and shares his experiences as the father of a large family here. Swimming lesson. I still remember the huge hook, lifeguard, Lucifer, which was stuck under my neck when I almost … Read more

Are kids really such geniuses?

Learning a new language is not easy. For example, if you want to learn Italian so that you can have a conversation in your favorite holiday country, you will have to invest a lot of time. After a beginner’s course, you may be able to have some simple conversations, but if you want to be … Read more

“You can’t start early enough to show kids that things can be done differently.”

Teaching method about sex and gender diversity for children in group 3? COC Netherlands received a great deal of criticism when the plan was introduced. However, there is definitely something to be said about it, although you should be careful with it. “It’s good that more attention is being paid to this,” says researcher and … Read more