Color blind children? This is a myth, says the anti-racist educator

During the game “If I Could Do Magic…” My black daughter wished she could make herself white. Now what? “My five-year-old white daughter thinks the imposter is always black. Help!” Educator Gillian Emanuels regularly hears these kinds of questions and comments. Through her training and course on anti-racism parenting, she teaches parents and educators (professionals) … Read more

New: Child Welfare Values ​​Framework around the rights of the child, the parent and the community

What can society expect and what can it expect from child care? What are we preparing children for? What exactly are the promises we make to parents and children? Kik and KINDwijzer find related questions worth answering. That’s why they came up with the Child Care Values ​​Framework. A multiracial group of preschool students sitting … Read more

What is the message we send to our children in amateur football when we follow FIFA coach Gianni Infantino? | Opinion

Schoolboy referee Konrad Berghoff is uncomfortable with the Orange not wearing the ‘One Love’ captain’s armband. “What message are we sending to the kids in our amateur football stadiums when we go after figures like FIFA coach Gianni Infantino?” Fifth Of all the volunteer assignments you can imagine, the pupil referee in youth football really … Read more

VVD turns from “blue in the street” to prevention: “Where are the parents?”

VVD believes that parents should correct and limit their wayward children. Parents who refuse to do so can expect penalties. “You prevent crime at the kitchen table.” Oak van EijsdenDecember 2, 20221 o’clock “Where are the parents?” According to the coalition party VVD, this question, which arises again after every riot or quarrel, must be … Read more

1 in 4 children is at risk of poverty

This means that 6.6 percent of all children live at risk of poverty, compared to 6.8 percent the year before. In 2021, 891,000 people lived in households whose income was below the low income threshold; A quarter of these were minors (209 thousand). This means that 6.6 percent of all children live at risk of … Read more

The situation due to the “catastrophic” RS virus in Germany, infections are also increasing in the Netherlands

RS virus is a highly contagious virus that strikes every year. Babies and young children can become so short of breath that they need to be hospitalized. Almost all young children contract the virus in their lifetime. The younger the child, the greater the chance that he will end up in the intensive care unit. … Read more

More frequent mistakes in child care due to understaffing, “it will go wrong once”

AP NOS News•Today 11:19•modified Today 13:08 Francine Intema internal editor Anna Mays Online editor Francine Intema internal editor Anna Mays Online editor Beds that don’t close properly, kids lying in the outside beds in the sun for too long, not getting their own food or sometimes not even getting a bottle of milk. These are … Read more

Swimming lessons canceled for 750 children in De Zeehoek, where can they go?

Every week 750 children visit the De Zeehoek swimming pool in Wervershoof for swimming lessons. Now that it is known that the swimming pool will be closed, parents in Medemblick municipality have come to rely on other swimming pools in West Friesland. “We’re already full.” The announcement of De Zeehoek’s closure caused unrest and anxiety … Read more