Parents’ anger at the special education school: ‘The child was spitting out of fear’

Parents angry at the Leijpark educational center in Tilburg. According to them, the special education school does not care about the needs of their children. Bullying students are also given so much space that they make other kids anxious. Adopted grandmother Anya Remst is angry. “Last Wednesday, Boyd was so sick he couldn’t eat. He … Read more

Thyroid cancer study in children yields amazing results

Researchers Henrik Krim-Koss, an epidemiologist at the Princess Maxima Center and the Integrated Cancer Center in the Netherlands (IKNL), and Heneke van Santen, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Princess Maxima Center, share their most surprising findings after collecting nearly 30 years of data on Thyroid cancer in patients younger than 25 years of age from … Read more

Foodwatch condemns ‘food scandal’ over Kinder Surprise: ‘control failure’ | the interior

Kinder Surprise eggs, which have caused salmonella infections in a number of European countries, are evidence of a failure of food safety controls. That’s what Foodwatch says. The interest group calls it a “food scandal” and wants to improve the diet. Foodwatch says it’s taking a long time for companies to react to potential dangers. … Read more

Our talented daughter is literally sick from school and has been at home for the past 3 years. Families like us are crushed by a bureaucratic system not designed to help children | Opinion

“Our talented daughter is literally getting sick from school and has been home for 3 years now.” Photo: shutterstock Saskia Dedrick and her family live in an unpleasant, even painful, situation. To draw attention to this, I have written the letter below to the Ministers of Education, Culture and Science, Robert Dijgraf (D66) and Denis … Read more

Top 10 Children’s Playgrounds

Skin care is also very important for babies and children, before and after sunbathing. We all know that. Children have thinner and more fragile skin than adults. So it’s best to put a layer of sunscreen for kids every half hour, and don’t be frugal. Did you massage your baby well, but did the skin … Read more

Susan van den Hove, an expert with RIVM, on an ‘overcomplicated’ option: Should I get my child vaccinated? † Interior

videoAs of today, parents of 1.3 million children aged 5 to 11 will receive a letter about the coronavirus vaccination. They can decide for themselves whether their children will be vaccinated. Experts in the pros and cons. Marcia Neuenhuis Jan 18. 2022 Last updated: 18-01-22, 12:12 At the beginning of the pandemic, Nijmegen Mayor Hubert … Read more