Form and Function: How Hunter Jumper-Equitation Holland and Michael Meller Challenge Tradition in Europe

Hunter Jumper-Equitation Holland (HJE Holland) has taken new steps to conquer Holland with hunter classes and a Native American formula. The organization has partnered with M. Michael Meller, owner of MMM Horseman and QBS Equestrian, which provides several new opportunities. The winner of the M. Michael Meller Style of Riding Award, presented in the past … Read more

Tamar Zwistra: There is a lot in Ich Weiss

In the run-up to the competition, Chiu Rotterdam spoke with Thamar Zwistra, who won the silver medal in the Dutch dressage championships last weekend, thus also putting himself in the spotlight by national coach Alex van Selvhout towards the World Cup in Herning. “There’s a lot in Hexagons Ich Weiss,” Zoestra says. Zoestra says of … Read more

“The current housing shortage presents many opportunities for Portesa”

Frederic Cernoia has big plans for Portesa. The ambitious entrepreneur wants to grow by at least thirty percent this year. This continues the trend in recent years. From the moment Frederick and her husband Raphael brought the assembly to Holland, the company has managed to increase its sales tenfold. Frederic: “My husband has already worked … Read more