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Diana Shearer, ‘Harvest Recasted’, 2022 Peter de Can Three tall figures wearing long dresses appear in the middle of the Orangewood Forest. With their organic look in indeterminate colour, the shapes seem to have grown out of the earth at once, creations from nature, and are in part: artist Diana Scherer planted dresses from the … Read more

Kinfill wants to make sustainable living easier through design

What is kenvil? if home care brand Kinfill wants to make sustainable living more accessible through design. The startup started with a cleaning line: pure scents, a sustainable packaging system, and biodegradable products in a tailored jacket. My girlfriend was shopping in the most sustainable supermarkets in Rotterdam. There I paid premium prices for basic … Read more

The Beaming Queen has introduced a new equestrian horse named Glory of Azerbaijan

The Queen smiled again during her surprise appearance yesterday to receive a special gift from the President of Azerbaijan. The 96-year-old welcomed a rare Karabakh horse at Windsor Castle, a day before surprising royal spectators with a visit to Paddington Station to open the Elizabeth Line. Walking in hand, the Queen waited outside the castle … Read more

Jan Wittens: “Frustration at my familiarity with my classical repertoire in Flanders has given way to admission”

Wendy Van Wanten from Aalter and Jan Wuytens from Oostnieuwkerke from Kruiseke (Wervik) will be with the ‘Jubilee aan Zee’ show at Het Witte Paard in Blankenberge this coming summer. On Monday 27 and Tuesday afternoon on Tuesday 28 June, Jean will present a comedy show with Jean-Pierre Mirin known as De Popkoning at De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke. In the fall, Jan will travel to Prague for a classic project and also to West Virginia (America). Jan remains true to his classic and vocal genre. In his country, this does not lead to such recognition, but he remains loyal to his own Flanders and to his own company, Landhuis De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke. Jean admits, “Frustration about my familiarity with classical music’s repertoire gave way to acceptance.”

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“We spent 16 hours on the road to Windsor because of Brexit, but the best results and a chat with Prince Edward makes up for it all” (Mali)

The Royal Windsor Horse Show in Windsor Castle Garden had its anniversary edition. Prince Philip, who passed away on April 9 last year and staged the event like the Queen, had a special memorial booth. Prince Philip himself was a valuable chariot driver and was highly respected. Glenn Geerts returned to Oostmalle on Monday evening … Read more

Speculation on the current blockchain bubble is a pyramid scheme

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), land purchases in the metaverse and countless digital currencies. They are all manifestations of the huge hype surrounding blockchain technology that has been discussed a lot. Blockchain technology basically boils down to a decentralized digital database that is collectively stored. The successive digital blocks that make up the blockchain refer, among other … Read more