New names and additional international experience in Training of Trainers (Youth) Orange

The National Water Polo Picks kick off the new year with a partially revamped coaching staff. There are many “new” former international staff on the job in both youth and youth choices and the proportion of female coaches has increased. “Over the past few months, we have assembled a fantastic team of coaches and coaches … Read more

Leon and Camille are the first West Flemish names of 2021

KW Beebee: This also means the annual ranking of the most popular first names. In the list of the top 100 best first names in West Flanders in 2021, Leon ranked first for boys for the fifth year in a row. With girls’ names, we get a huge surprise with Camille not only in first place but also first times in the top ten! Amelie drops to tenth place in one go.

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Medieval women cheated on virginity tests

In the 12th century, the doctor Trotta of Salerno sounded the alarm. I have discovered that women of marriageable age sometimes hide a great secret: they are no longer virgins. in this book De passionibus mulierum curandarum (On Gynecology) I listed a number of methods for exposing deception. Trotta recommended the use of charcoal and … Read more

‘Yellow’ Vos leads the tour she’s been craving: ‘Unspeakable’

GT NOS cycling•Monday, July 25, at 21:18 Marianne Voss was in attendance, the last stage of the women’s peloton tour in 2009. That year’s “Tour Feminin” ended with four meaningless stages. Foss didn’t stop there. Thirteen years later, there was another round, of eight stages, with Vos in yellow. After 2009, Vos fought for a … Read more

How a man came up with so many car names: “Let me lock up in cars” | Currently

Manfred Guetta is an expert in creating car names. Mégane, Smart, Twingo, Vectra, Cayenne, Panamera: all created by him. But how does he do that? His company is located in a historic half-timbered house in the Black Forest. Because Manfred Guetta, who has created resounding names for many car manufacturers, believes that “atmosphere is important … Read more

Rob Poland suffers from a terminal illness with his brother Verdi: Judah District

Not long ago, the Boland brothers declared their love for each other at Nieuwe Revu after being silent about each other for twenty years. Is it wrong again? This is skimping. The sister band, sticking with military precision, looks forever ruined. In 2000, Rob Boland (67) and Ferdi Boland (65) got a blood ticket, after … Read more