These are the biggest children’s clothing trends of 2022

This article was created in collaboration with H&M. When you look at children’s fashion, you see a lot of similarities with adult fashion. At the same time, children’s fashion has become more fun and our children are becoming more special. They wear fashion in their own way, setting their own trends with plenty of room … Read more

They didn’t get a chance

April 13, 11:40 a.m. to read aloud the society Gerrit Gotenck witnessed the crash of Lancaster over Hackfort in 1943 By Sander Grotendorst VORDEN / WARNSVELD – Gerrit Gotink officially lives in Warnsveld, on the south side of Rondweg om Leesten. “But we are totally focused on Vorden.” On January 9, 1943, he was with … Read more

This perfectly illustrates how the abuse of power works

†“It’s not true that the camera never lies,” says Selena Scott. Because if the camera never lies, it will (Saville, red† I was already exposed years ago. Scott was a young TV presenter in Breakfast timeH on the BBC when she gave a regular interview to Jimmy Savile in the early 1980s. Scott was a … Read more

Turkish women hope to get free HPV vaccine after landmark lawsuit

When Turkish student Yagmur Varkal learned she had to pay for a vaccine that would protect her against cervical cancer, she was furious. The health authorities took to court to get their money back, achieving a historic victory. Since then, other Turkish women have taken legal action to demand free access to human papillomavirus (HPV) … Read more

Guest lessons for girls should take care of technology, so that XL and shoe size 42 do not remain the norm

At Boeiimeer Elementary School, programmer Nynke Wesseling explains artistic careers to get girls interested in technology.Frick van den Berg statue / de Volkskrant What does the programmer look like? Young children from class 1/2c at Boehmer Elementary School have their own ideas about this. And this is a good thing, because the teacher Jan Cronin … Read more

Did Elon Musk enter two towers?

Photos: Ron Sacks/Paul via CNP and Angela Serena Gilmore/Alamy Stock Photo. How do I login? This is the question that awaits all the newcomers to the legendary Berlin club Bergain Install itself. Among that tense and tense mob was an unlikely number last week: Elon Musk, the world’s richest man. But was the Tesla founder … Read more