A woman (34) and a girl (16) were killed in shooting at a farm in Placerdam | residence

videoA 16-year-old girl and a 34-year-old woman were shot dead this morning during a shooting at a nursing farm in Alplacerdam (South Holland). Two others were seriously injured. The suspect is John S. The 38-year-old is from Oud Al-Ballas. The man has been known to the police for years as “confused and annoying”. Volkert van … Read more

Bakefish – De Groene Amsterdammer

Willie and Adolphe Pettellon circa 1910 It was decided at two meetings, according to the Amsterdam Archives: that the streets of Scholeneiland should be named after the authors of children’s books, and exactly after that also the women writers. Two women – Anke Servaes and Marie Schmitz – made it to the reserve-only list. (A … Read more

“20 km to the maternity clinic”

May 2, 21:28 to read aloud the society DIDAM – Pregnant women in Kenya sometimes have to walk twenty kilometers to reach the clinic where they give birth. There are hardly any facilities and no specialist help. Marlos van Vuuren traveled from Didam and trained nurses in three clinics about problems during childbirth. Written by … Read more

“I stopped my marriage and now I dream of a new life”

The consequences of the Corona pandemic are still significant, especially for girls. Because of prolonged school closures, isolation from friends, and increasing poverty, many girls are at greater risk of child marriage. Monalisa (15 years old) from Bangladesh managed to prevent her marriage. In Bangladesh, the country with the fourth highest rate of child marriage … Read more

She could have been dead

Photo: Unsplash Plastic surgeons in the Netherlands are receiving more and more patients who are traveling abroad for plastic surgery. Also Michele Feigen, plastic surgeon at the MOOI Clinic in Maastricht and the Züderland Hospital in Heerlen and Stard. She recently received a call from an emergency room doctor at 6:30 p.m.: A young patient … Read more

column | True Equality – NRC

When I was still a member of the editorial board of The Hague magazine Norwegian Refugee Council I worked, six years ago, occasionally passing a group of anti-abortion protesters on my way into the room. I found a funny, almost touching curiosity: that you are so committed to fighting a losing battle. Hey guys, I … Read more

‘Green’ children’s clothing can also contain PFAS, according to research

school uniform. pillowcases. Mattress protectors. household goods. Children’s clothing and other water and dirt repellents that children come into contact with on a daily basis all contain PFAS. writes Catherine Rodgers (Boston University, Environmental Health), who researched the materials, even if they were advertised as “non-toxic” or “green.” In principle, it doesn’t matter whether water- … Read more