A man (24) was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting minors | news item

news element | 19-01-2023 | 19:06 The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Zeeland-West Brabant suspects a 24-year-old man Etten-Leur of producing and possessing child pornography, assault, fornication and enticement of (minor) girls into adultery via the Internet. Eight girls filed a complaint against the man, but the police and public prosecution expect this number to rise … Read more

‘I was taking 200 laxatives a day’

A few years ago I decided to seek help. First at the doctor. After a number of conversations, he referred me to a clinic in Amsterdam, where my anorexia would be treated. I attended therapy five days a week to work on my self-image. Three weeks later, I was deported again. They only had experience … Read more

view | Fake kids are everywhere

When Madeleine van den Nieuwenhuizen wrote a column for this newspaper about nepotism in the media last week, those she accused of it without concealment quickly denied her allegations. In journalism, you often come across fake children, sons and daughters of famous journalists and media heads who suddenly appear as presenters, correspondents or reviewers, Van … Read more