Girls in 2020/21 again primary school advice

Download CSV fileTable viewFinal School Advice Final School Advice Less than VMBO-g/t 2020/21 23.6 24.4 2019/20 26.5 26.8 2018/19 ²⁾ 24.4 23.3 2017/18 23.6 22.8 2016/17 23.3 22.6 Vmbo-g/t and havo 2020/21 43.3 44.6 2019/20 44.6 45.5 2018/19 ²⁾ 44.4 45.8 2017/18 44.8 46.1 2016/17 45.1 46.3 Havo/vwo and later 2020/21 33.0 31.1 2019/20 28.9 … Read more

“The dress code creates the problem it must address: it makes girls sexual.”

The temperatures these days are causing heated discussions in the stadium. Marjolin van Pavel, a postdoctoral researcher in history at the University of Antwerp and a member of the feminist think tank Furia, thinks it’s a good idea for young people not to simply accept the dress code at school. “When adults tell a girl that her shirt has a plunging neckline, they are telling her that her body is viewed in a sexual way.”

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Why do kids wear sailor suits?

Poor Albert Edward. In the summer of 1846, when he was four years old, the British crown prince, later King Edward VII, got his newest sailor’s suit. White blouse, long wide leg pants, large V-neck with white stripes, silk tie, straw hat. Why poor Albert Edward? Well, while on a royal visit to the Channel … Read more

Take action for Ukraine

During • Amstelvins • Friday April 1, 2022 at 5:43 pm Amstelveen – The Ukraine fundraiser started four weeks ago, at home with two young Amstelviners, Slava and Irina. Soon more space was needed and two Participe sites came to the rescue. The action took more and more forms, and eventually a wonderful place was … Read more

These are the biggest children’s clothing trends of 2022

This article was created in collaboration with H&M. When you look at children’s fashion, you see a lot of similarities with adult fashion. At the same time, children’s fashion has become more fun and our children are becoming more special. They wear fashion in their own way, setting their own trends with plenty of room … Read more

A handball coach who offended students was sentenced: ‘He was my role model’

The OBF handball coach admitted that he gropes girls aged 11-15 on intimate parts, over and under clothing. According to the 73-year-old from Alkmaar, it was his “method” of preparing talented players for the “hard top”. He also took photographs of the abuse of at least one victim. Today, the Public Prosecution demanded that the … Read more