Amsterdam clothing brand Mahoor serves the fashion-conscious Muslim man – and others

Amsterdam-based Mahoor makes modern men’s clothing that conforms to Islamic guidelines, but non-Muslims, including many skaters, are also finding their way into the brand. The brand started from Slotervaart two years ago, and today the first pop-up store opened in Abu Dhabi. Fiona Hering12 March 20223 o’clock Literally translated, Maturin means “covered” in Arabic. Proper … Read more

Yvonne Coldvier: Charlie Lossky also didn’t answer his wife before he put her somewhere else

Tanya Jess getting cheated on, that’s not cool, is it? shout out. Although many viewers of the soap have wholeheartedly agreed with GST’s Bowien Galema’s false secret that her lover was cheating, this is now actually happening to the person who played the role from 1997-2000. And unlike her sometimes limp character of Bowien, Tanja … Read more

“The dress code creates the very problem they need to address: it sexualizes girls.” – Radar

The temperatures these days are causing heated discussions in the stadium. Marjolin van Pavel, a postdoctoral researcher in history at the University of Antwerp and a member of the feminist think tank Furia, thinks it’s a good idea for young people not to simply accept the dress code at school. “When adults tell a girl … Read more

“The girls of today are the strong women of tomorrow.”

Every year on International Women’s Day, we think about gender inequality and its effects on girls and young women. “Women, young and old, continue to be stigmatized, attacked, discriminated against and harassed online because they are women and they dare speak up,” says Garance Reus-Deelder, Director of Plan International. Garance Reus-Deelder, Director of Plan International … Read more

Ex-porn actor Rolf Tangle: “I got rich!”

Rolf, meet up each other here In the gym RedGym in The Hague. what are you doing here? “Actually everything. I teach as a personal trainer, I work behind the bar, I work in management. So, he is a jack of all trades.” doDisplay(‘div-gpt-ad-PanoramaNL_in-content_top_article’); Is this your gym, right? owner? “The outside world thinks it’s … Read more

Energy Shift: Girls can make the difference

The energy transition is more urgent than ever. In the coming years, we will need many more technical professionals to install hundreds of thousands of hybrid heat pumps and solar panels. Girls and women play a major role in making the Netherlands sustainable. Today on Girls’ Day 2022, companies across the country are introducing girls … Read more

Selena from Houten wants to help African girls and women cycling | Huten News

wooden Selena Crete will be taking part in an adventurous cycling tour of Tanzania for Amrif Flying Doctors. With this action, you want to draw attention to the problems facing Africa and raise funds to help solve them. Written by Richard Thulin When one compares prosperity between countries, one sees significant differences. Many people in … Read more

It doesn’t have to be underrepresented through discrimination

Last month, Big Trade magazine Science A special supplement with a subject “The missing black physicists(The Lost Black Physicists). African Americans make up 13.4% of the population in the United States, but only 3.4% of all physics students who graduate from an American university are black. Even more embarrassing, this percentage has declined in recent … Read more