Phoebe Joris battles for bronze in World Trial Championships: luck is clearly on my side this year

Our compatriot Phoebe Juris (17) won a bronze medal in the time test with the young girls. The East Flemish put into an unlikely final race and took just 0.33 seconds ahead of his Czech opponent. Xaydee van Sinaey finished 23rd. For Belgium, this is the first time ever for a women’s rhythm medal at … Read more

Hundreds of people dressed in traditional costumes in a unique group photo

Silver Staphorster headpieces sparkle in the sunlight, and a Zeeland lady’s wide lace collides with her neighbor’s rabbit-fur hat. “The last picture, I promise!” yells photographer Jimmy Nelson of The Cherry Picker. It is lucky on this day when the rain and sun alternate at a fast and unpredictable pace: just before the photo is … Read more

Umberto Tan slides politely Ungehoord Nederland and Dilan Yeşilgöz – Joop

Miss piggySeptember 18. 2022-18: 58 I appreciate Humberto that he usually manages to discuss these kinds of issues intelligently and with charm. But he, like many, does not fully understand what the “anti-wake” movement means. August Hans den Boef did just that in his last opinion. The problem is not with those committed to more … Read more

Unintended barriers prevent students from training according to their preferences

The inspection body monitors access to higher education: those qualified for admission to higher education must also be accepted. However, students can be prevented from choosing a particular study program due to unintended side effects of the study program characteristics. These potential thresholds have now been investigated. For example, prospective students are not encouraged because … Read more

Global action is required against deadly interference in Iran’s protests

World leaders now gathered at the United Nations General Assembly should support calls for independent international investigations to ensure accountability in Iran’s ongoing impunity crisis. The urgency of this is underlined once again by the death of 22-year-old young woman Mahsa (Zeina) Amini, and the violence unleashed by security forces on protesters. At least eight … Read more

Face to face: Wieteke Zwama

When I interviewed Wieteke Zwama, she was ready for GrootHeerenveen’s photographer, Mustafa Gumuso. Buying something new for a photo shoot wasn’t an option, but for Wieteke, that’s not a problem. “Look, I got this shirt from a friend. And this skirt is left over from the clothes exchange event. Super fun, isn’t it?” between and … Read more

Does the Dutch education system demand a lot of young people?

Photo: Unsplash The mental health of young people is not good, especially girls in high school. School pressure is one reason for this. Now the question arises: is the current education system asking too many young people? Two professors share their insight. Last week, researchers from the Health Behavior for School-Age Children (HBSC) organization concluded … Read more