Last test for the Cyclocross World Cup this weekend: Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel avoid each other with one on Saturday and the other only on Sunday

What do Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel do? Avoid each other. Van Aert will be starting in Hamme on Saturday, and Van der Poel will be in Besançon, France, on Sunday. Whether it was a conscious choice, we dare not say. Needless to say, Besançon also liked to have a head first. … Read more

‘Dances With Wolves’ Actor Arrested: ‘He Molested Girls For Decades As A Spiritual Cult Leader’

Nathan Chasing Horse, as he calls himself, was arrested Tuesday afternoon when he left his home in North Las Vegas, where he lived with at least five wives. He is accused of sexually abusing children under the age of sixteen, child abuse and sex trafficking. A search of the house found several devices with images … Read more

Super fun: 9 pen and paper games

Sometimes, you are just looking for a simple way to entertain the kids. For example, when you want to keep your kids busy in a restaurant, in a waiting area, in the car, or on rainy days. An easy way to keep kids entertained nowadays is an iPad or other screen. And believe me, I’m … Read more

An understanding guest lecture removes prejudices

How do you discuss sexual diversity? Former teacher Musa van Maaren, who is gay and Muslim, gives workshops in which he removes prejudices by speaking the student’s language. Moses van Maaren asks: “Who kissed?” Most entry class students for non-native speakers stand at MBO Amersfoort. “Not yet, sir,” says the boy who remains seated, “but … Read more

Eileen Hill: “Ukrainian women and girls are more at risk of cold-related violence”

A year ago, the lives of millions of Ukrainians were turned upside down as the conflict with Russia escalated. Many of them fled to neighboring countries. Now that winter is in full swing, refugees are especially vulnerable, especially women and girls, says Elaine Hill. As an emergency aid expert at Plan International, she coordinates the … Read more