Tigers and Zebras by Rob Van Mierlo are wild and cuddly. But especially cute and imperfect

texturerob van mierloo statue “Just do it, without thinking too much,” is how Rob van Mierlo describes his “wet on wet” painting technique in which he organically nurtured an entire animal kingdom. Draw the features of an animal on damp paper in jagged lines and in minimal shades using watercolor or ink. With black details … Read more

Why do signs of life on Mars seem so confusing? National Geographic

In 2012, a new era in Mars research began when NASA launched its six-wheeled vehicle Curiosity of In the crater of the volcano Gale. Today, this crater, 155 kilometers in diameter, contains a large mountain made up of many stratified sediments that record Mars’ geology past. The main purpose of Curiosity of It is the … Read more

The discovery of the first dinosaur suffering from respiratory diseases | National Geographic

One hundred and forty-five million years ago, a sauropod wandered who must have felt bad. His nose was bleeding with mucus, and the Jurassic herbivore had a fever and coughing fits that caused his long, muscular neck to shake up and down. The condition may be fatal for him; The disease had such a significant … Read more

Photographer Luis Mindo signs for The New York Times, Apple, and others: “Paper and Pencil, That’s All You Need”

Luis Mindo is a world famous painter who now lives in Tokyo. However, he lived in Groningen, where he studied in Minerva and learned the finer points of graphic design. It now works with major clients such as Spotify, The Guardian, American Express, and many more. But he also decided to take a new path … Read more

Dierenverzekering.nl: an insurance company with its own definition of an accident | Radar checks! – radar

When the owners of Freddy’s dog announce they will have labrador surgery for pet insurance, it pays nothing. Because they are afraid that they can blow their whistles for more than 4,500 euros, they call Radar and the insurance company suddenly comes up with 600 euros. But with a maximum annual repayment of €4,000 and … Read more