What do phobias teach us about racism?

In 2003, a 25-year-old Marquis Hodspeth was murdered by police in Shreveport, Louisiana, in the deep south of the United States. The officers stopped him because he wasn’t driving – they wanted to check if he was drinking. A routine job, you might think. But it went wrong. When he came out, he reached out … Read more

Agreement of Intent between ARK and Cycas Capital

Cycas Capital and ARK Natuurontwikkeling have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the field of nature development, starting with the Geelders District. Cycas Capital, in collaboration with engineering firm Arcadis, is creating an investment fund called ReTimber. This fund will invest in biologically diverse natural forests that sustainably store CO2 and provide sustainable … Read more

Eindhoven Tara will soon publish her first picture book: “Because of my illness, I had a place for it’

Tara Horwig (27 years old) from Eindhoven was already fond of drawing as a young girl. Now she creates and paints picture books. Her first picture book will be out soon to the moon Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign. “It’s so special that my children’s book will soon be read.” The ad is loading… picture … Read more

Party for the Animals is excited about a plan to turn the Niemeyer Factory into a creative hub

Niemeyer factory as a location where creative talent can develop. Night Mayor Merlijn Poolman’s plan could draw on enthusiasm from the Party for Animals faction in Groningen City Council. “We know that during this year Niemeyer’s factory will be empty,” says council member Bart Hekema of the Animal Party. “I am now following the discussion … Read more

Prehistoric animals you won’t believe exist

Prehistoric animals you won’t believe exist Many animal species that lived millions of years ago are now extinct. Check out the coolest animals that haunt the earth in this gallery! Microsoft and its partners may earn a commission when you purchase something through the recommended links in this article. Microsoft and its partners may earn … Read more

Increase biosecurity in the livestock farm

Biosafety is a difficult name for all the measures taken to prevent certain diseases (salmonella, BVD, IBR, mycoplasma, paratuberculosis …) from entering the farm and from spreading diseases within the farm (eg calf diarrhea or mycoplasma from cow to calf). This concept has long been established in the pig and poultry sector and has become … Read more

The high seas are in dire need of protection

Almost half of the Earth’s surface is owned by no one. They are areas outside of any national state. Practices such as illegal and destructive fishing, discharge from ships or dumping can cause significant damage. The pharmaceutical company can simply collect genetic material from plants or animals and use it in vaccines that are then … Read more