Hiking 4 times in the Swabian Alb

A unique and versatile low mountain range stretches across the German state of Baden-Württemberg, full of half-timbered villages, majestic castle ruins, remarkable geological phenomena and above all beautiful nature. Leave each day behind for a while, put on your hiking boots and explore the endless valleys, hills, rocks and fields of the Swabian Alb during … Read more

Background: Nature clubs protest permit for F1 Grand Prix event in Zandvoort

The Duinbehoud Foundation and the Red De Kust Foundation are protesting the license granted to the F1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort. Clubs now complain that they are missing out on the procedures they believe should ensure the health of visitors. Unique, until now nature lovers were mainly interested in the Naturjak frog and the sand … Read more

Coyotes take great risks and steal from cougars | National Geographic

Laura Bru of the University of Washington, who wrote an article in 2020 in environmental science messages about these relationships. “But they could also balance the risks, for example by assessing the freshness of the impact of large carnivores, or simply by increasing vigilance.” This trade-off for risk, in the words of Brugge”Enemies with benefits, … Read more

Tigers and Zebras by Rob Van Mierlo are wild and cuddly. But especially cute and imperfect

texturerob van mierloo statue “Just do it, without thinking too much,” is how Rob van Mierlo describes his “wet on wet” painting technique in which he organically nurtured an entire animal kingdom. On a dampened sheet of paper, he draws the features of an animal in jagged lines and in minimal shades with watercolor or … Read more

Many people benefit from a treasured companion, but how does the animal itself seem to be a helper? † correct

service dogs, training horses, cuddle puppies; Increasingly, animals are used for the mental well-being of people. Many people benefit from a treasured companion, but what does the animal itself look like to be a service animal? As a “rotating agent” in the mental health sector, Isabel Den Hollander, 26, is trying to get a help … Read more

Nature today | The depth of garden ponds is important for the diversity of aquatic animals

In 2021, about six hundred citizens set out to map surface water quality using Waterdiertjes.nl. Together, these volunteers collected more than seven hundred samples from different types of water, but mainly from ditches, ponds, ponds, and city waters. The water quality was good at fifteen percent. The same class scores are inadequate to very poor. … Read more

How do you learn to deal with anger?

Matthew Pal “The most important thing I’ve learned from my aggressive coach is learning to breathe properly,” Rotterdam-based comedian Patrick Lorig says on his show. Dutch Hope† Then instantly it gets cold in my head. Whatever you thought was a problem after five minutes of good breathing is no longer a problem. Getting rid of … Read more

Counting sheep | ANWB

6 ways to walk where you can face a flock of sheep It is a special experience to meet a flock of sheep with a shepherd while you are walking. Such a chat with a shepherd, surrounded by a cloud of woolly ruminants, is unforgettable. Especially if there is a lovable sheep among them who … Read more