News from Berkelland » Survival racer D’ran Neede receives €5,000 from Rabobank

By Editors on 05-13-2022 NEEDE – Survivalrunners D’ran in Neede had a lovely afternoon on Friday, May 13th. A check for €5,000 was presented to the club by Rabobank. This amount will be spent on the running track around the football fields in Sportpark ‘t Haantje. The images are already showing part of the path. … Read more

News from Berkelland » Sponsorship Agreement Rotor BV and Sports Federation Berkelland

By Editors on 05-13-2022 BERLIN – Rotor BV Chief Financial Officer Henk Hagens and Treasurer Stefan Ormel from the Berkelland Sports Federation on Tuesday, May 10, signed a new sponsorship contract. Rotor BV has been an active sponsor of the Eiberg activities of the Sports Federation Berkelland (SFB) until 2019. Activities around BerkellandNow a new … Read more

News from Berkelland » Honoring Five Members of the First Aid Society

By Editors on 12-05-2022 NEEDE – On the evening of Wednesday, May 11th, five members were honored during the First Aid Needy Association members meeting. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, two members were unable to attend. Margo Timmer has been a certified first aider for 40 years. Erik Konniger, Gerrit Broeksma, Mark Brouwer and Robert Nieuwenhuis … Read more

News from Berkelland »Huve Kids Club will make and decorate breeding trays

By Editors on 12-05-2022 EIBERGEN – On the afternoon of Wednesday 25th May there will be De Huve Kids Club again from 2:30pm to 4pm. “This time we will sow the seeds, make our own breeding tray and decorate it nicely.” “We say who the ice saints are,” says Janny Hoenink of the organization. “We … Read more an insurance company with its own definition of an accident | Radar checks! – radar

When Freddy’s dog owners advertise their Labrador operation at pet insurance, it pays nothing. Because they are afraid that they can blow their whistles for more than 4,500 euros, they call Radar and the insurance company suddenly comes up with 600 euros. But with a maximum compensation of €4,000 per year and the motto: “With … Read more

News from Berkelland »Classic in Spring with Ruurlo Chamber Choir

By Editors on 12-05-2022 RUURLO – Three years after the 50th Anniversary Concert, the Ruurlo Regional Chamber Choir will perform again on May 18. “Fortunately, the Corona crisis passed without serious consequences for members of Ruurlo, Lochem, Eibergen and the surrounding areas,” said CEO Johann Mollmann. Reasonable actions and due luck helped. For conductor Gerrit … Read more

News from Berkelland » Explanation of getting to know plants and animals using an app in Library in Need

By Editors on 12-05-2022 NEEDE – On Tuesday, June 7, the Neede Library will provide an explanation of applications where you can learn about plants and animals. This workshop starts at 10:00 AM. Signing up is free, but registration is required. You can do this in the Neede library, via or via 088-0062929. plant … Read more

Bats imitate wasps to avoid being eaten by owls | National Geographic

Imitation is a widespread phenomenon in the animal kingdom. Some caterpillars can be dangerous snakes. Young sooty sad tyrant, who lives in the Amazon, turns into poisonous larvae. In their evolution, hovercraft have adapted to resemble stinging and obnoxious wasps. They are all examples of batesian mimicry, an evolutionary trick in which a relatively harmless … Read more

Accountability in Research into Methane Emissions – De Groene Amsterdammer

Explanation of the top 50 Emission figures in this list were calculated on the basis of data from RIVM, the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency, Statistics Netherlands, the provinces of Nord-Brabant, Gelderland, Overijssel, Friesland, Limburg and the European Environment Agency. The numbers represent kilograms of methane in its most recent available year, 2019. Notes on the … Read more