The world through the eyes of animals

Ed Young, Vast World The dog stops at the flower bed and begins to sniff. With each inhalation, his nostrils, ending in side slits, wafted a fresh scent into his nostrils. The impatient owner pulls the leash. “Come on, there’s nothing to see here.” It’s a common scene on the street: owners deny their pets … Read more

Renkummer starts a petition to keep deer camps

Renkummer Edwin started a petition to have deer included in the list due to reports that deer are not on the list of future pets and hobby animals. Otherwise, deer camps will eventually come to an end. “Due to the new positive list of must-keep pets, deer camps that have existed in the Netherlands for … Read more

Blockchain as indelible ink | Dutch IT Channel

We can compare the blockchain to the digital version of the indelible ink. Just as text written in waterproof Indian ink is indelible, digital information in a blockchain is indelible. I recently made this simple comparison when someone asked me to simply explain what a blockchain is. The blockchain constitutes a digital accounting system. Just … Read more

Were dinosaurs cold-blooded or warm-blooded?

The researchers made a surprising discovery by analyzing the byproducts of metabolism in their fossils. This research provides insight into the body temperature of dinosaurs, but also reveals an old theory about their extinction 66 million years ago during a massive mass extinction. Hot blood comes at a price Whereas today’s birds and mammals can … Read more

Corona stories from the residents of Rheden and Rozendaal: This week: Storm Visser (16), Animals

Corona came from all sides and hit us from all sides. How were you in the time of Corona? In the near future you will read the stories of the residents of Rheden and Rozendaal at These stories and more will be collected in a book later this year. This week: Storm Visser (16), … Read more

The fox talks about the goose

in Leave a message in the sand (2018), Baby Dumont Tuck’s unique collection of non-fiction poetry for children about the order of even-toed ungulates, contains a single poem in letter form. It is not kept by a child, but by a tapir. Feeling that he is the only one in the book with three toes, … Read more

The future is full of question marks

Visitors to De Studio’s ‘Energy Junkies’ exhibit at the NEMO Science Museum, which can be visited until June 2023, plot how they see the future in light of climate change. NEMO Kennislink makes a selection of graphics and explores artwork with an expert. In this episode: Why is it so hard to imagine the future? … Read more

Boerenforum deplores the closure of small slaughterhouses

FifthActions resulting from the animal rights movement’s protest actions are usually what kill the country’s smaller slaughterhouses, Boerenforum says. Animal welfare laws are, as it were, the executioner pulling the plug. This is a painful situation for the farmers’ wives and farmers in Boerenforum. “The animal rights movement or the animal liberation movement aiming for … Read more