Nature today | Dilemma: Should we let black grouse die in the Netherlands or not?

In the middle of the twentieth century, it is estimated that thousands of grouse lived in our country. Today there are dozens. The animals are only found in the Sallandse Heuvelrug and they are also having a hard time there. The birds have been imported from Sweden every year since 2012, to support the remaining … Read more

Harmful lionfish now also in Brazil | National Geographic

“Since March 2022, lionfish have been able to move along 700 kilometers of coast,” said marine ecologist Marcelo Soares, who led the latest study. He also mentioned that there are now more than three hundred fish. “We expect the lionfish to also advance along another 6,000 kilometers of the Brazilian coast within two years if … Read more

Animal Ambulance and Bird Shelter Leiden Region Happy with enthusiastic volunteers

In 2021, the counter was 4,966 trips with animal ambulances and 3,799 “wild” animals recorded for most birds. These numbers already indicate that it is always occupied in the Leiden Animal Aid and Bird Shelter District, located at Drabban 14 in Leiderdorp. Written by: Margaret Hilbrandt The organization has three paid coordinators, but is also … Read more

RTV Ronde Venen – Working in Animal Ambition: ‘It Really Isn’t a Misguidance’

Animal Ambulance is urgently looking for volunteers. Especially drivers who can help pick up sick, dead, injured and injured animals. Animal Ambulance has previously made a call on Facebook. It’s been shared a lot, but we haven’t been able to find anyone yet. The permanent core of volunteers is starting to get tired, says coordinator … Read more

Nature today | Elephant population is growing thanks to the fight against wildlife crime in Africa

The implementation phase of the wildlife crime project ended in May 2022. How did it go? We were able to complete the implementation of the project at its peak and despite the necessary challenges we achieved the project objective. By the way, this is not the end of the entire project. IFAW continues to work … Read more

Desert blues music, summer dance festival, animal ode to low cuddling content

He. She The password Collects the best cultural tips every week. From exhibitions in the city to the best films in the cinema. The passwordAugust 19, 202212:00 World music: Omran Members of the Amran group from southern Algeria are Tuareg. Berbers who were living a nomadic life. Just like the Tinariwen group before, Imarhan combines … Read more

18 stunning natural photos at the right time

“See you” – winner in the “Wild Image” category © Tomasz Szpila / Nature TTL We knew that Mother Nature was full of wonderful animals and landscapes. But capture the animal kingdom or special natural phenomena in time. The winners of the Nature Photo Contest have been successful. This produces 18 breathtaking images. The TTL … Read more

Tigers and Zebras by Rob Van Mierlo are wild and cuddly. But especially cute and imperfect

texturerob van mierloo statue “Just do it, without thinking too much,” is how Rob van Mierlo describes his “wet on wet” painting technique in which he organically nurtured an entire animal kingdom. Draw the features of an animal on damp paper in jagged lines and in minimal shades using watercolor or ink. With black details … Read more