Party contribution to the L&V Board of Written Advice on Animals on April 7

April 1, 2022 SO L&V Board Entries April 7 agricultural toxins Members of the Party for Animals faction are concerned with implementing and implementing the farm-to-board strategy. This strategy was introduced nearly two years ago[1]This was supposed to have led to the first concrete proposal for a new regulation on March 23, 2022. The ‘Regulation … Read more

Sirens with cats meowing, donuts delivered to a drone, solar panels on the moon and a washed up submarine. These are the best April Fools’ Day jokes in Drenthe and Groningen

April 1! What were they trying to tell you in Drenthe and Groningen this year? An overview of the jokes that have appeared in the past few days. ‘Meow meow! Meow meow’. Anyone who hears this noise should move quickly, according to Dierenambulance Groningen. The animal rescuers will finally begin to feed audio and visual … Read more

Congratulations Monkey Foundation? Web Circus

it was yesterday world circus day† The day the whole circus world celebrates. Sometimes abundant. Sometimes faint. It’s also the day many circuses announce their plans for the next season. In Holland, the first circus was already traveling. Circuses and festivals begin again over the Easter weekend, expanding the show a bit each week. And … Read more

You should not miss this: Top news from Drenthe and Groningen | Daily Overview Thursday, April 14

Daily overview Thursday, April 14, 2022. Hamburger strings on the chain, Swedish winter fun from Elde Airport, a pathetic swan song, and Schönbeck saying goodbye to Claas Bakker. Read here what you (maybe) missed today. More Swedish winter fun from Groningen Eelde Airport Winter sports enthusiasts can travel from Eelde to a second winter sports … Read more

Why overfishing in the oceans could end in disaster | National Geographic

For many years, scientists have been sounding the alarm about the dire consequences of overfishing, as wild marine species are caught from the ocean in such huge quantities that fish stocks are no longer sustainably replenished. But world leaders have been at a standstill for two decades when it comes to trying to repair the … Read more

Kossmanndejong designs a city forum for all the animals and plants of the city

Today, the Amsterdam-Almere Pavilion The Sound of Urban Nature at Floriade Expo 2022 opens to the public. The metropolitan area of ​​Amsterdam and Almeria has trillions of inhabitants: people, animals, plants, trees and microbes. How do we arrange our cities in such a way as to provide the necessities of life for all these inhabitants? … Read more

RTV Ronde Venen – Working in Animal Ambition: ‘It Really Isn’t a Misguidance’

Animal Ambulance is urgently looking for volunteers. Especially drivers who can help pick up sick, dead, injured and injured animals. Animal Ambulance has previously made a call on Facebook. It’s been shared a lot, but we haven’t been able to find anyone yet. The permanent core of volunteers is starting to get tired, says coordinator … Read more