Even before the first shutdown, Avivona closed its doors as a precaution. Because of the Corona crisis, the bird zoo learned that it is very resilient: “Animals do not care about Corona”

In March 2020, Prime Minister Rutte announced that the country was more or less on the way to shutdown. What is your first reaction to that? “We weren’t surprised at all. We have a lot of contact with the mayor and other zoos in the Netherlands. Fourteen days before closing, even daily.” Then you thought … Read more

Not suffering from pain is as valuable to an insect as it is to an animal or a human

a fly. Large numbers of insects, especially black soldier flies, are fattened and ground up to feed the animals.ANP Image / Images Mauritius Intensive livestock farming is fatal to animals, the environment and the climate, so it is true that we are gradually phasing out this industry. The government finally contributes to this by gradually … Read more

Indy Nintendo Show 2022 | Pixel Vault

What indie games are coming to the Switch? On May 11, Nintendo presented a list of new indie games submitted by various developers through their YouTube channel. We can look forward to a variety of new games! You can watch the entire Nintendo show on their Youtube channel. Below we have listed the most important … Read more