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With the planet Krypton destroyed, young Kal-El is sent to planet Earth by his parents to survive as the sole survivor of Krypton. Fortunately, Kal-El isn’t alone and his four-legged friend runs with him in the escape pod. Years later, the duo is known as Clark Kent with his dog Park who, like Superman and Krypto, are fighting various enemies to protect Earth. However, Krypto faces another danger when his good friend Clark teams up with Lois Lane. To find another good friend for Krypto as well, the two visit an asylum. However, their visit is brutally disrupted when Lex Luthor plans to draw orange kryptonite back to Earth with a powerful beam. They are soon able to thwart the event, but at the shelter young hamster Lulu appears to seize the opportunity to use his special beam to draw kryptonite to herself. This gives the hamster superpowers, but they are not alone. The other animals in the shelter are also given new special powers. However, Lulu manages to escape and, using Kryptonite, captures Superman and strips Krypto of his superpowers. Lacking his own powers, Krypto will have to team up with the other animals from the Sanctuary to stop Lulu in order to save the Earth.

The superhero genre now isn’t unimaginable on the silver screen and so new angles are being sought in the already overcrowded genre. The Legion of Super-Pets, which saw the light of day in 1962, was still out of the picture, but now it too has been held back by its own adventure on the silver screen to draw young viewers into the popular genre. To attract. So there’s a little room for traditional heroes like Superman, Batman or The Flash, but especially for their animal-like counterparts who will be the saviors of Earth this time around. That in and of itself makes for a funny movie, but for all that, it really doesn’t want to get anywhere real.

In the DC League of Super-Pets, the main role is assigned to the four-legged friend of Superman, who was voiced in the original version by perhaps the biggest Hollywood star at the moment: Dwayne Johnson. It would have helped the film immensely in terms of marketing, also because his friend Kevin Hart signed on for the other lead role, but it’s unfortunate to see that the film is so clearly aimed at a young target group, that there seems to be no room for jokes that you’ll mainly appreciate. watch adults. And that’s especially so with such big names in the ranks when it comes to voice work. Also a missed opportunity, because maybe a DC League or Super-Pets game wouldn’t be more fun to poke fun at the genre? A title with animal-like superheroes is of course perfect for that, but director Jared Stern (The LEGO Batman Movie) is clearly choosing a different focus.

It really makes the DC League of Super-Pets, also known to us under the title ‘DC Club of Super-Pets’ a movie for its young audience who are likely to have a good time with the four-legged versions of Superman, Batman and The Flash. On top of that, the slim version is of course perfect for giving the merchandise department a nice boost, although the heroes can already be found as LEGO versions in different sets, but the movie does of course help a bit more in setting things up properly. Whether that also means there will be a sequel remains to be seen, despite the fact that the film has scored more than fine at the international box office. If it comes to that, it is hoped that the creators will also think about the parent watching this time around.

Extras: Animated movies are often accompanied by the necessary add-ons, so DC League of Super-Pets also has a great series of add-ons.
How to draw encryption (06:48) Animator Dave Burgess explains how to draw a dog like Krypto, the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper.
Behind Super Voices (14:39) A look at the movie soundtrack with names like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Diego Luna. Director Jared Stern also appears, and we get to see the stars in action.
101- Naima (08:18) This special takes a look at the early steps of film in 2018 and how the film form slowly got its start.
Super pet world (07:41) The DC universe is big, but what do we see in the movie? Producers tell you.
Look for Easter eggs (03:39) Despite the fact that the target audience is too young to spot them, the movie is certainly full of great surprises. Author Sam J. Levin what to look for during the movie.
Deleted scenes (20:48) A collection of at least twelve scenes that were not or partially filmed. Scenes are brought to life through sketches and storyboards.

The DC League of Super-Pets is sure to entertain the young viewer, but there’s very little of it to serve the watching parent as well. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, but a movie about a canine-like version of Superman or Batman would of course be a great opportunity for a good look at the overcrowded superhero genre. It makes the movie a slightly one-sided production that has few surprises in store for the viewer and basically floats on the well-known pattern of the hero who will first have to embrace himself in order to face evil.

Thanks to Day One MPM and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Benelux for the review version.

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